Same-sex Marriage- An Unnatural Reality

Due to the recent legislative act that took place In New York in regards to legal marriage between the same sex, I felt inspired to write about how I felt. I could get all papal and write an encyclical about this grave action, or I could just speak from the heart. I firmly believe it is quite possible for Catholics to explain theology and morality without really having to delve into much religion. I think it is quite possible to explain to people how something is wrong without quoting the Bible and the Ten Commandments. The more we are able to explain things in a natural way the easier it will be for people to understand it in a complex way later.

The subject of homosexuality is not a new subject. It is an act which in and of itself is completely unnatural. There is no if’s, and’s, or but’s about it. There are no specific cases where it is natural or morally acceptable. The materialistic society that we live in has twisted the meaning of marriage until it is near nonexistent. People have been so turned away and shot down by the opposite sex that it makes them lose all hope in the deepest meaning of love. Instead they cling to someone that will understand them better, someone like them, someone that is the same sex. You can’t quote me as a source because I have no degree in psychology. I do not preach from a pulpit of experience in the field of human emotion. However, I do preach from a pulpit of moral stability, a place where at one point most of the world stood.

I ask you not to look at stories in the Bible where it denounces homosexuality, nor look to religious organizations that preach from years of tradition. Instead, I do ask you to look at your soul, to regain a failing conscience, and to do your best to understand the wrong on your own. With a deep belief in natural law it is possible to tear down these walls of immorality, and cling to the biggest social enterprise in the world, the family.

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  1. Zen says:

    Though I disagree, i must say that this is very well written, very well worded, and gets your view across without calling any names, without being rude to anyone and with a calmness usually unseen from your side of the argument. well done.


  2. bre says:

    Ah, good stuff. And I'm not just saying that because I'm supposed to 🙂 I really like how you didn't refer to encyclicals or scripture, cuz it's such a debated topic it's refreshing to just hear an opinion.


  3. Egidio says:

    Without being rude to anyone. Hmm well you see, it is always my intention to be charitable when having a debate or conversation with someone. However in this particular instance, I was not being overly nice so that the other sides opinion would be nice to me in return. I was being nice about it because this is a preliminary response to the issue. There will be more to come from this blog about this topic, which I am afraid will probably be more blunt than this post.


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