Why you should vote to create change

Why you should vote to create change

Voting in an election does much more than help to elect key candidates, it directs society in determining needed change.

Our Flag. Our Anthem.

Our Flag. Our Anthem.

Most would say that freedom of speech is pretty black and white. In two cases in particular I beg to differ. We live in a time where anything we say out loud will most likely offend every 1 in 5 people. No matter what it is, someone will find issue with what you say.

Our Flag represents all Americans, but most of all it represents our Freedom. Why would you burn down your best representative? You want to bring those that hate you to your side? Then wear that flag and wear it proudly. You want to anger those who hate what we stand for in America? Then sing our anthem and sing it loudly. That flag was sewn in a time where every American was persecuted by tyranny. That anthem was written in a time where our very freedom and unity was at stake in the war of 1812.

The only tyranny you have now in America is your mom taking away your smart phone at the dinner table. If you do not think you are being treated fairly by your government take a little trip to a country where you can’t pray or speak when you want and how you want. I’ve been there and I’ve seen it first hand.

Our flag represents all Americans, Red or Blue. Black or White. Our Anthem represents all religions and all creeds. Look to the Olympics and you will see the untainted pride of those that represent us on their athletic fields. The cheering and the 100% authentic patriotism is what should bring us together.

Trust me when I say that sitting down during the anthem because you are a household name will do absolutely nothing to help your cause. The only thing you will get is a week of publicity, good or bad. Somebody in the position of Colin Kaepernick who was given opportunities that no low-income African-American would normally have, should not be silently protesting in this way. There is no “effect” to his “cause”. Start a program and talk to local leaders. BE A LOCAL LEADER. Sitting on your bum during a song about inclusion of freedom will only get you mocked by both the left and right. It really just shows an ignorance of your knowledge in the plight of struggling minorities while introducing a certain level of “black privilege.”

People don’t realize the value of living in America anymore, we take everything for granted. Is there hate? Yes, but that will never go away because we are not perfect. One of my favorite meme’s about the status of the American youth is an image showing 18 year olds on D-Day in 1944 storming beaches, jumping from planes, and charging into almost certain death. While in 2016, 18 year olds need safe places, because words hurt. Wear our Flag don’t burn it. Sing the Anthem don’t turn your back on it. Be a leader. Be informed. Be smart.

“Even fools, keeping silent, are considered wise; if they keep their lips closed, intelligent.” (Proverbs 17:28)


The Nuclear Option

    Let’s face it most Americans do not watch the news. Your average everyday American thinks that most of the big media outlets are biased (which honestly tends to be the case.) I write to you on this surprisingly chilly Sunday in order to inform you of a tragic vote that occurred last week in the United States Senate. The Senators referred to this specific vote as the “nuclear option” which is a very good description for this atomically explosive course of action.

    To explain this option in the easiest of terms, it gives the majority party ultimate reign in choosing their party’s favorite pick for open judicial positions. Thankfully as of now this option does not apply to Supreme Court nominations. By ultimate reign I merely mean that there only needs to be a majority vote to break a filibuster on a vote for confirming a presidential choice for federal judge positions. it used to be since the rules were written by Jefferson in the late 18th century that there had to be 60 votes to break a filibuster however thanks to the over zealous Senator Harry Reid who invoked the “nuclear option” it only takes a majority vote. (51 individuals
    We sadly as of this week have gone from a semi bi-partisan Senate to a one party majority when it comes to major judicial decisions. From now until the mid-term elections next year the President can essentially pick whatever liberal jackal that he chooses and then with the help of his Democrat Senate can shoe that individual right into his/her robes and onto the bench. This is a travesty that of course former Senator’s Obama and Biden would not stand for in 2005 when they were the minority. The GOP never actually attempted to do the nuclear option at that point, but I believe it was threatened. It is utter hypocrisy for the then Senators and now Executive branch heads to go back on their word. 
   Come to think of it why I am I surprised that they are supporting what they did not used to like? The good President has gone back on his words on multiple social and economical positions over the last decade alone. Whether from his stance on abortion, homosexual marriage, or his promises he has not kept with the affordable care act it is a terrible slippery slope for this 2nd term golden tongued politician.
   It is time to make drastic changes people! We need to find those individuals who will uphold the Constitution and the will OF THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE. This is not a 51 man government this a constitutional democracy it is our voice that counts not one specific party. Step up take charge, run for public office and make the little man’s voice heard. For how will our economy survive if the entrepreneurial spirit is crushed under oppressive medical taxes and social demoralization? 
   Have a blessed night and Happy Thanksgiving Week!