Alcohol a Crippling Reality

I had maybe two beers before I turned 21, I think I have always had this profound respect for law and doing the right thing, I don’t know…
When I turned 21 I was in a war zone in Eastern Afghanistan, I couldn’t even have a near beer to celebrate because all of the Spec Ops boys drank them all. When I got home from Afghanistan I didn’t drink that much (unlike most of my peers) beer here, liquor there…didn’t do much for me to just pound it down. I much prefer drinking the good stuff and savoring the flavor of a top notch beverage. I didn’t boast about a crazy night at the club (because it never happened) I didn’t post all over social media how awesome it was to down a whole fifth of jack, because that’s not what men do.
I don’t drink away the pain like most grunts do I just push through it. I don’t know what it is but colleges seem to impress this stigmatic peer pressure of alcoholism among their students. According to the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism 4 out of 5 students drink alcohol. About half of college students that drink consume alcohol through binge drinking. What’s the point? What terribly traumatic experience has made you turn away from responsibility and turn to the bottle?
I can at least understand why Vet’s drink although I stay away from it as much as possible. I have seen death, I’ve carried dead children and handed them to their weeping parents. Was math class really that hard this week? I don’t expect sympathy and I won’t drink my sorrows away. I like being in control of me, when you lose control of what you do you stop being a rational man and start being an irrational animal.
Furthermore and most importantly, as someone who employs people I wouldn’t hire you if you had a large amount of unruly posts about drinking escapades on your social media. It doesn’t instill in me the idea that you are a grown mature adult. Be smart. Enjoy alcoholic beverages in moderation. 
Don’t give up your life or your school work because of stupidity.


In an attempt to better express myself to the available public that will listen I would like to tell you to not be subjects of mediocrity. Chase your dreams, live up to the plans you have established and hopefully it will be the one that God has designed for you. Do not associate yourself with weak minded people unless it is with the purpose of general conversion. 
As a young adventurer I have decided to not subject myself to mediocrity because I do not want to be included in a percentage, a category, or a quota. I am an individual and in being an individual I draw my own blueprints, I climb my own mountains, and I carry my own crosses. If we continuously play pitcher in the ball games of other peoples lives we will never get to experience the undeniable pride and indelible mark that individuality puts on our souls. 
At the second coming of Christ we will not be standing next to the buildings we designed or the many inventions we created but instead next to the other souls whose lives we have changed. As Jesus walks by we will not hold up our many diplomas or certifications but instead we will bow our heads and bend our knees. We will do this automatically and without reserve for in the presence of God our simple minds will have no idea what to do other than that. 
Although it would be nice to defend those I love with just a word or a prayer, in the world we live in it is impossible for this to be true. 
Although I would love to help those imprisoned in their countries by oppressive leaders and armies it is impossible for it to be true.
I can not change peoples hearts with well thought out words, or high ideals, because most ambitious egotistical leaders only care about where there stock portfolio is going.
In a world where materialism, socialism, and paganism rule the land what can we few believers do? 
                                                          WHAT CAN WE DO?
It is simple for a priest to say a prayer for those who do not believe and to hope they change. I need something more concrete than that. I pray, but I want to accomplish more than a hard outcome spread over time. I want monumental results in a short period of time.
In the world today there are the lost, the followers, and the leaders. Even the bad leaders in the world have separated themselves from mediocrity. Whatever you do in your short life on Earth please do not limit yourself to being just a mere follower. Be a good parent to your children, BUT be somebody much more than that to everyone around you. Do not limit yourself to things that you know you can do, spread your life to things you want to to do, and things you have to work at to accomplish. Fulfill your dreams! Do whatever it takes. If humans did not have imaginations then we would still be banging sticks in the ground attempting to make fire. We would be mere monkeys in the grand scheme of things.
There is a purpose to our design, we are not big specks created from smaller specks. We are rational specks with a creative purpose and we must follow that purpose or otherwise subject ourselves to MEDIOCRITY.