Voting for the Corrupt: A Disturbing Reality

Voting for the Corrupt: A Disturbing Reality
        Over the last 12 months I have been hip-deep in politics. Reading, researching, and developing reasons for liking certain candidates as well as reasons for utterly despising others. I have never been a Democrat and I never will, but it is absolutely shocking that the Democratic Party would put their trust, money, and control into the hands of a woman as corrupt as Hillary Clinton.
        Barrack Obama was tailor-made by the DNC to be president, having rarely voted in favor or against controversial bills and usually abstaining, which gave him a transparent background that wouldn’t hurt him in the general election. Hillary Clinton while unjustifiably clinging to both his and her husband’s coat-tails, promises a third term of the Obama White House. President Obama isn’t stupid; he knows that Hillary despises him for ruining her chances in 2008 and she is just as much a deceiver to him as Donald Trump is to the RNC.
        Soldiers get busted down for mishandling one classified document, and she has mishandled hundreds while simultaneously allowing an active unsecured server to be used for government work. It’s not only ethically wrong and potentially illegal, it is downright embarrassing. People are laughing at us from Moscow to Beijing to Pyongyang. Patriots like myself do not take that lightly. 

“We do not take lightly the security of our country, the security of our embassies, or the security of our freedom – for so many have already paid the price protecting it.”

        Gone is the time for the purity of character that is so desired in a presumptive nominee. We need experience, but we also need courage, strength, and honor. None of the aforementioned virtues are found in the likes of Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Here am I alone and confused as to why the simple farmer and the educated doctor can come to the same conclusion that Trump is the answer. Here am I alone and confused as to why the progressive liberal is so satisfied in the likes of the socialist Sanders and the closet-socialist Clinton. The three of them have a combined age of over two hundred years. Trust me when I say that wisdom does not necessarily come with age.
        Clinton tries to appeal to the middle class and to the union families, but when was the last time she ever did a lick of hard work? Everything she has received has essentially been given to her. When was the last time she kept clicking on the refresh button hoping that it would magically place money in her checking account so she could buy diapers for her children? When was the last time that she actually cared about the things she speaks so fervently about? She claims to despise the Wall Street giants yet gladly puts the bag of cash they give her in the trunk of her car after a big speech.
        Trump tries to appeal to the everyday Americans who are fed up with illegal immigration, who are fed up with a lack of jobs, and who are fed up with the “establishment.” What does he know about how we feel? Here is a guy who has never been turned down for a loan at a bank. Here is a guy who was handed a check for one million dollars to start his career and life. He tries to claim what Mitt Romney did in 2012, about how being a business man will make him a great president. However, he has bankrupted four companies and failed at over a dozen business ventures. His ignorance to the issues, his lack of gentlemanly qualities, and his utter disdain for people that are not in line with his beliefs will be his downfall.


        We cry out for change, we cry out for the removal and disposal of all those who are corrupt and drunk with power, but here we are electing them to the highest office in the land. Here we are standing before Pontius Pilate and chanting with the crowd to crucify, even though we know it is wrong. Here we are throwing our country to the wolves who will eat it alive and leave the bones for the vultures. Let us no longer allow for this to happen, let us stand up and create such a disturbance, the likes that have not been seen since the removal of tyranny from America.

A National Presence with a Regional Approach.

A National Presence with a Regional Approach.


        We all want to drive down the street in our neighborhood and see clean yards and tidy houses. In today’s era of rampant foreclosures this is increasingly impossible. I want to bring your attention to a way that I feel we can help curb this stigmatic issue. If we make the house livable inside and out it will restore prosperity and a lasting desire to build future growth in that neighborhood. We must live up to the description of “preservation” and not just tape it up so it doesn’t fall down. The real problem is community blight and the real solution is a greater intimacy with the preservation of properties, which can be done best on a regional level where the company in charge is able to apply a much greater amount of attention to detail. In states with little or no redemption period it is imperative that the preservation company gives the right information to the lender or big costly mishaps could happen. Bigger national companies with less direct oversight are more likely to make a mistake that shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

The most important parts of managing a preservation company are dissolving community blight through timely and good quality work. Limiting the amount of internal errors by utilizing a thorough quality control program, and ensuring that every property is managed at every level whether it is worth 4 million or 30,000.

Communities in the United States are complex melting pots of diversity. People in the city do things differently than those in the suburbs. People in the country do things differently than those in the suburbs and vice versa. To people that live in small towns like Thurman, Iowa just one foreclosure on a prominent street can change the whole tone of how outsiders view that town. Which could also mean a lack of perspective economic growth.

While National Preservation companies boast large portfolios, deep pockets, and the ability to appear in perpetual compliance, they may not be the best answer for the big banks goals. With a national grasp comes the inability to tailor ones preservation tactics to the individual needs of all different types of communities.

It is almost an impossibility for a large national preservation company who thrives on large portfolios to pay attention to outside properties that are near impossible for them to reach with a vendor network that is designed to prosper based off a large amount of properties. A boots on the ground network thrives with volume based increments of properties and a contractor will gladly take care of medium to large portfolios of properties but is less likely to go to the properties on the outskirts. Completion percentages and service level agreements will remain high for those National entities because they will tend to have great completion rates in their metropolitan statistical areas. With a regional approach all properties hold the same value and are cared for on all levels.

From a preservation perspective the only way we can limit the length of a home in foreclosure is through expediting the process of preserving that individual unit. A positive way we can do that is through changing the conversation away from this national mentality of “bigger is better” and down to the idea of a compliance oriented structured system that allows for much better control over every aspect individually. Every foreclosed home needs to be of equal importance in order for the proper job to be done.

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Alcohol a Crippling Reality

I had maybe two beers before I turned 21, I think I have always had this profound respect for law and doing the right thing, I don’t know…
When I turned 21 I was in a war zone in Eastern Afghanistan, I couldn’t even have a near beer to celebrate because all of the Spec Ops boys drank them all. When I got home from Afghanistan I didn’t drink that much (unlike most of my peers) beer here, liquor there…didn’t do much for me to just pound it down. I much prefer drinking the good stuff and savoring the flavor of a top notch beverage. I didn’t boast about a crazy night at the club (because it never happened) I didn’t post all over social media how awesome it was to down a whole fifth of jack, because that’s not what men do.
I don’t drink away the pain like most grunts do I just push through it. I don’t know what it is but colleges seem to impress this stigmatic peer pressure of alcoholism among their students. According to the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism 4 out of 5 students drink alcohol. About half of college students that drink consume alcohol through binge drinking. What’s the point? What terribly traumatic experience has made you turn away from responsibility and turn to the bottle?
I can at least understand why Vet’s drink although I stay away from it as much as possible. I have seen death, I’ve carried dead children and handed them to their weeping parents. Was math class really that hard this week? I don’t expect sympathy and I won’t drink my sorrows away. I like being in control of me, when you lose control of what you do you stop being a rational man and start being an irrational animal.
Furthermore and most importantly, as someone who employs people I wouldn’t hire you if you had a large amount of unruly posts about drinking escapades on your social media. It doesn’t instill in me the idea that you are a grown mature adult. Be smart. Enjoy alcoholic beverages in moderation. 
Don’t give up your life or your school work because of stupidity.

Professionalism and What it Takes to Succeed

No one is more professional than I. This is the first sentence to the creed of the non-commissioned officer. I mentioned in my last posting that it is important to live your life on the basis of a creed. A creed is an ideology or proclamation of one’s beliefs that mold your character. Every type of job should develop leaders in various forms and professions. Someone has to take charge, yet in taking charge also work in accordance with each other.
The Army is not how it used to be. I know that on the basis of how it was intended and designed to work, not because I have seen it change in the last 4 years. In the history of the professional military officers have always been royalty or high-born, of some sort. This helps create a barrier between the enlisted and the commissioned. It makes sense and it creates a professional environment in which soldiers can be subordinate to those appointed over them both because of rank and status. In today’s Army experienced enlisted instead get thrown around by inexperienced boys who graduated a couple of schools and were commissioned. (That statement does not apply to the percentage of enlisted who become officers through hard work and perseverance, for those men are some of the finest leaders I have ever known.) 
Instead of being professional like the NCO creed states, those I know in the ranks around me have turned from that into something else entirely. This is a cut throat business, get promoted or get lost. Professionalism aside, creeds aside, people judge you on what it is you can offer them. Not skills in the workplace, or your ability to lead and train, but instead how you “play the game.” We are weak, we have faults and we have strengths. The only way a team can work proficiently is by relying on each other to enhance one’s strengths and to over power one’s faults. You should always achieve rank and stature not on the pretense of who your friends are, but instead how well you can perform and lead others.
I challenge you in your own individual work places to uphold courtesy at all costs, maintain professionalism, do not confront those you despise with false allegations, but instead out-shine them, out-perform them and eventually over power their impotent and hollow excuse for a professional person. 
Including the virtue of charity with your professional attitude is probably the single most difficult thing to do in most work places. (especially mine) Maintain an inner calm at all times, remember to pray for peace of mind whenever you get a free second. The un-professional person will always try to undermine your authority and knock you off balance. Do not let this happen! If you are wobbling and feel like you are on that tight rope between being calm and punching the other guy out, always remember the ultimate meaning behind “turning the other cheek.” It will always be better for you and your future to be the one who stood tall while the other person made a fool of themselves in front of others. As long as your subordinates and peers respect and admire you who really cares what anyone above you thinks?
Remember where you came from and always have a clear conscience, it is imperative through discipline and hard work that you go through life being the best but never saying the you are the best. Be the guy (or gal) that every body talks about in whispers. Be the person to stand up for the meek. Saint Paul constantly called upon those in the early Church with inspirational words of leadership, and to stand up for the cause that Christians fought so hard for. Do not condescend, do not patronize, instead, teach with gentleness and reverence. Instruct with authority on the pretense of creating more leaders as opposed to merely giving an outward appearance of caring. 

One last thing: Know that no matter what someone said to degrade you or your reputation, that person will answer for their dis-courtesy. The great thing about being Christian in an ever so heathen environment is that we have a creed we live by. A code of ethics, and a long list of philosophical ideals that set us apart from those around us which in turn put us way ahead in the slow marathon to eternal salvation.

Ferguson a Muddled Reality

I moved to Ferguson last Spring, I did so not because the house was cheap and I needed a place quickly, I did so because I fell in love.

I fell in love with the horse farms, the old victorian houses, the big trees, and the large plots of land. You want to know what Ferguson has that most municipalities in St. Louis County do not? Family owned businesses. Ferguson is the perfect image of a town of entrepreneurs. I have one of the best butchers in St. Louis less than a mile from my house, a brand new cigar lounge (Montrey’s) that I am a proud member of, several excellent restaurants, and one of the best micro-brews in the state.

The above mentioned things are things I am proud of and things I know most towns around me do not have. The things I have yet to mention are the things that we DO have in common with every other city in America. We have a large amount of unemployed people living in our city. We have a large amount of underpaid people living in our city. We have underpaid/overzealous police officers in our city. We have too much municipal regulation in our city. We have high property taxes in our city. We have a weak underfunded public school system in our city. Everything I just mentioned can be found in most towns in America.

The cause of the Michael Brown fiasco was not a police officer doing a stupid illegal act (like so many have and gotten away with) the cause of the Michael Brown fiasco starts with the family. It is the family who is ultimately responsible for the misconduct of their children.

If little Johnny throws a baseball through the neighbors window then Johnny will be doing a lot of chores to pay off that broken window. Michael Brown was not a gentle giant. Michael Brown was a young thug that did bad things because he knew he could get away with it. Michael Brown did not obey the police because he grew up thinking that they were pigs. If you do not give someone a cause to like or trust you then they will not. Michael Brown died that day because he was stupid. He failed to submit to authority because he had no authority in his life. His parents were divorced and his mom had a blatant mistrust towards police officers.

Darren Wilson did not kill Michael Brown, Michael Brown killed Michael Brown.

It is extremely important that we do not draw conclusions from what the media has told us about Ferguson. Ferguson is no worse off than Ballwin or Manchester or any other middle class municipality in St. Louis County.

In the aftermath of the shooting in August and the decision in November most people did not legally and peaceably assemble. There was looting and burning, all of which was caused and instigated by organized thugs and riotous anti-government groups (almost entirely from out of state.) Michael Brown did not die because he was black. If even the most remote cause of his death was because of racism what makes you think that the black attorney general of the United States would not have prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law? If Darren Wilson had unjustly shot Michael Brown do you not think that the democratic prosecuting attorney would not have prosecuted him to the fullest extent of the law? Logic is always the answer.

Bottom line is this: Fake witnesses and real witnesses alike all purposefully lied and told the media what they saw and/or thought happened was what actually happened.

Confusion, slander, liable, and a general ignorant disregard for the way society should run was the cause of the Ferguson Fiasco.

I love Ferguson, Ferguson will bounce back, the value of my property will not lower and businesses will still build because in the end a blatant and illicit disregard for ones government and law enforcement will not be tolerated.

I am a combat veteran who fought for the rights of all Americans. I am proud father, a happy husband, and a homeowner at the age of 24. I have a good job and friends and family that I can rely on. I support Ferguson and Darren Wilson because it is logical to do so.

Do not be swayed by public opinion, decide for yourself through the powers of deduction and cause and effect what the real issue is here.

God Bless America.

Music: A Change to Reality

I recently just started concert piano lessons. I am excited! I am ready to face the challenge of picking up this new talent.

I was always wary of taking lessons because I thought I would fail. The fear of failure is something that we should never let discourage us.

It always needs to be I CAN and I WILL, not I think I can and I think I will.

I know that I am up for the challenge and as I fast approach my 25th year I desperately need something new in my life. (besides my gorgeous wife and beautiful 3 month baby.)

I will not settle for the slow monotonous life that I am slowly sinking into. In order to make myself better as a person I must change the way I am living and the mediocre things that I am doing.

One of the main reasons why I decided to take up piano is because I like to entertain people at my house. I have noticed that dinner and cards or a game just doesn’t cut it. Yeah…if you have a Bbq and watch a ball game that is one thing but nothing beats listening to the soft tunes that roll off the keys of a nice piano.

I think ideally what I am going for here is a personalized Dick Van Dyke Show. Hahaha I wish…..

(Dick Van Dyke was one of the best comedic entertainers of the last century by far.)

In final, do something different, pick up a new hobby and love it. Every time someone asks you how you are doing always have a story to tell. For we are known by the good we do in our lives and if we have a story to tell we will be remembered until the end of time through the lives of our children’s children.

A Disrespectful Reality

If you know me you know that I have a high amount of disdain for guitar bands in Mass. I feel and so do many others that it is extremely disrespectful to the most Holy Sacrament of the Eucharist. The way I look at it should be very easy to understand but for some reason some of those who grew up in the 60′-80’s seem to believe otherwise.

It is not wrong to want to praise our God and King it is however most utterly wrong to do it in a manner that is unbecoming. When the moment of Transubstantiation happens we should be quiet, solemn, and reflective, while simultaneously being joyful at this moment of adoration. One cannot and should not do this while beating a drum and strumming a guitar, you can listen to that music outside of God’s holy temple. At the name of Jesus every knee shall bend and every tongue confess the glory of the Lord. The Bible does not say at the name of Jesus everyone bang on the drums so those around cannot pray in solemn silence.

Are there many ways to pray? Of course there are but when we truly are in prayer and are experiencing God’s enduring love and kindness we can only do so in a silent reflective state so that we may hear the Lord’s wishes and desires for us.

This Sunday I attempted to sink into solemn prayer during Mass but alas to no avail my mind could not separate itself from the incessant pounding that was going on in the background of the Church. Is this saying that I have not trained my mind to separate itself from distractions while in prayer? Or maybe it is just proof that people in today’s society care more about the music in Church than they do about the ultimate meaning behind the Mass, the celebration of the Eucharist.

There are hundreds of quite beautiful songs that can be sung or chanted during Mass that praise God in his glorious majesty so please do not limit yourself to an irreverent rock out session. That is all, be at peace.