Afghanistan in Perspective

The town of Yahya Khel forever will resemble Hell.

In a country that is so out of date
the only message they preach is hate.

When the devil speaks in hushed tones,
Among the people there are silent moans.

They moan because they are not free,
Although they forever yearn to be.

These disciplined fighters who teach this hate,
Consider themselves the bringers of fate.

This fate they bring is death to us all,
That do not heed their holy call.

Their skills are honed by years of war,
Which is something I have never seen before.

They patiently wait for us to make
that ever so deadly first mistake.

These mistakes are costly to each side,
And is something I can not abide.

Death is a thing we all must see,
But not this far from the land of the free.

We ask each other when will they fail,
But alas, they will never to no avail.

They will never leave this land I fear,
Because it is a cause that they hold dear.

The town of Yahya Khel forever will resemble Hell.

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