A Tribute to Able Company

My good friend Horforia Zenro wrote the following piece and I asked him if I could post it on my blog because I liked it so much.
You do not play around and you have to be careful about your own body posture.
So don’t even look like you are standing at a position of attention or parade rest, or else you risk seeing death.
It’s not something to joke about out here…
The fighting slows down during the winter months, but during the summer, like when we first got here, it was something that happened at least 4 to 7 days a week.
Snipers, RPG’s, and mortar attacks are all something that happens every single week during the fighting season in Yahya.
It’s no joke down here…the fight is real…people back in Sharana all look at us like we are something higher than a normal soldier when they find that we live in Yahya Khel and have lived here through the last 6 months.  
They all fear the day they have to travel to Yahya Khel 
to deliver mail, 
to fix some machine,
or to actually give us the support we need, 
because they know that there is a good chance they will get blown up on the way.
Just for getting close to Yahya they are afraid.
This is where I have lived.
This is where I have survived.
This is my home,
with all of my platoon but two men living through it all.
There is talk of giving my company medals and awards for outdoing any expectations that anyone ever imagined we would be able to do down here.
The Taliban are scared of us,
they fear us, and
they hate us. 
They think we are immortal, because when one of us gets shot, the rest of us fight back back like no other.
There might only be 27 of us but we fight like there’s a hundred.
They think they can’t kill us with normal bullets, and the truth is, they can’t.
We will win this fight in Yahya Khel.
We will show these people that we are to be trusted and that the Taliban are to be shot on sight, and the Taliban will run away.
We, the brave hero’s of Able company will chase them down and destroy them for we are the Band of Brothers…

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  1. Zen says:

    I like the way you edited it. Sounds good.


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