In Memoriam

The following poem is attributed to the Men of Able Company 1-506th who have paid the ultimate sacrifice from WWII all the way through Vietnam until today in Chamkani, Afghanistan.

I stand here alone with not but a thought,
As I desperately try to never get shot.
I imagine a future so far away,
In a dream that is far from grief and dismay.
In this dirty little town I watch the time go by,
High in the mountains where brave men die.
A rocket’s blast I hope not to hear,
For it has already hurt those I hold dear.
Requiescat in pace, O brothers of mine,
We mourn your loss, but know all is fine.
You watch over us from up above,
And guard our backs with endless love.
Only warriors understand what defines true loss,
For an unexpected death is the worst kind of cross.
We go forth this day with a firm resolution,
To remember you with honor in our proud institution.
Lost but never forgotten we say all the time,
For all men lost in their prime, is a terrible crime.
Be at peace, while we fight the enemy more,
A battle is lost but we will win the war.
God Bless you my brothers and without a doubt,
We soon shall meet and join with a shout.
A battlecry that echoes in one harmonious tone,
Currahee…….Stands Alone!

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