Christmas and Shopping a Never Ending Reality

    As we grow closer to a time in which he try our hardest to surround ourselves with loved ones let us stop and talk about what a lot of people are doing in the beginning of this holiday season. Shopping, shopping , and more shopping. C’mon people ridiculously expensive gift giving is not what Christmas is about. Jesus was born in a poor stable in a poor town in an even poorer country and here we are dwelling on how many i-pads to buy for our children who probably don’t even need the over-expensive piece of technology.

    This Christmas I implore you to try a new technique that some of you better people than me have already started to add into your rigorous schedules: Giving to the poor. Remember people St. Nicholas did not give gifts to everyone one in the world naughty or nice but instead to the poor; the people that actually need it. Thousands of people are out in the streets in the Philippines because of a horrible storm, give your hard earned money to Catholic Charities or other like minded organizations to help with the much needed relief. Or maybe a better thought would be to have your younglings at home give a dollar or two from their piggy bank to to help the cause. It is our solemn duty as foot soldiers of Christ to help our fellow Christians when they are in need. Instead of buying 6 pies this Thanksgiving, bring three of them down to your local soup kitchen to feed the people that are out in the ever so frigid streets of the city.

   These are just some simple thoughts from an old soul who too shall try this Holiday Season to implement charity into his new little home.

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