The Putin Regime

Let me break this down Barney style:

This is not the era of the Cold War mentality. Countries for the most part want to be left alone and just live their lives the way that the people in charge or the people that live there want it to be. Is that too much to ask? I think not, and most Americans feel that way, that is why a lot of us are striving for a smaller government, and less of a choke hold around the necks of the “John Doe’s.”
Oh Russia, the country that so many believe is no longer a Communist bureaucracy but yet then again, maybe it still is. Although I wouldn’t mind hopping into my time machine and traveling through history I thought that we had fallen away from the idea that big powerful countries can just force their way into smaller vulnerable ones and tear them apart. Where were we when Russia invaded Georgia in 2008? Where are we now that it has invaded Crimea and parts of Ukraine? NOWHERE, because according to so many Americans “It ain’t our problem,” “It’s none of our business,” “Let Russia do what Russia does.” My question is: “Where does it end and when does it end?” 
As in so many other situations across the world it is our firm belief, or maybe just mine that freedom should be available to all, and that a constitutional democracy is the best form of government. Not for many Russians, or for North Koreans, Chinese, Syrians, Egyptians, Africans, etc. We say that History shouldn’t repeat itself, but isn’t it though? Are we not launching ourselves right into the heart of a possible pre-World War III disposition? A Huge Country gaining strong holds in ports surrounding the Black Sea, more terrorist attacks attempting sabotage on aircraft, Missile tests by ultra communist boys in charge of million men armies? By the way Kim Jong Un won with 100% votes cast in the beautiful country of The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. How the Hell can they give their country that title. It’s crazy twenty something year old communists like Kim that start World War’s. Whether it is the Nationalistic pride, the ultra ego, or just the desire, like Putin to have complete control over as many people as possible. This creates a society that turns the common John Doe into robots, literally a whole society of “Stepford wives” that eat drink and sleep at the bidding of the Supreme Leader.
All I can say to you Americans out there that care, is this: say your prayers, raise your kids well, stay in tune with World politics, and stop re-electing idiots like Pelosi, Reid, Boxer, and various other idiots who are long over-due for retirement.
“Good night and Good Luck.”-Edward R. Murrow

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