H.R.Clinton, America’s Newest Failure

This writer has no love for the Clinton’s, their scandals, their corrupt foundation, or their ability to manipulate the American people into believing that they are the answer. Sad thing is, we do not have to imagine any longer because it has become reality. The front page of the WSJ has her sprawled across the cover of the paper. The main stream media is pushing all of this Clintonian inebriation down our throats that we are completely over powered.

We will hear nothing of the server/classified documents scandal because all anyone wants to talk about is this “history” in the making. Honestly, to me, there is no difference between Clinton being the presumptive party nominee today versus Clinton being a regular nominee 2 days ago. Virtually no difference! Now if (God forbid) she becomes President that’s a different story altogether. Seeing as I am a betting man, I would almost consider Clinton the red and Trump the black in the proverbial game of presidential roulette.

I am not one to go on about how the DOJ is corrupt and that President Obama influences AG Lynch in the decision making processes of her cases. I will however surmise that if the President endorses Clinton, that could somehow be construed as a “lay-off order” directed towards Miss Lynch in regards to the looming indictment. We are reaching a busy time on the political calendar and it would be unusual for Obama to hold out an endorsement to longer than 2 weeks from today.

Let us not forget about the reason behind this “historical moment,” the people are so excited because she is the first woman to achieve this position in the 240 years of our countries existence.

I say phooey!

It is absolutely shocking, almost abhorrently so, that we the people care more about her being the first woman than her being the best woman for the job. Americans everywhere were so excited to elect President Obama based off his skin color and not based off of his record, that we ended up voting the wrong guy in. (Herman Cain, an African American ran in 2008, and Dr. Ben Carson ran in 2016, what about them????)

I am almost inclined to think a constitutional monarchy is a better option in some scenarios. We might have a couple bad rulers but at least we will have some good ones that rule for longer than 8 years. At this point what is the difference? All we do in America nowadays is find which former President to blame, for whatever problem is in our way at the time.

This is the bottom line America, do not settle for the status quo. Settle for the best option, be satisfied when you are done voting, do not be nervous and angry that some new nut job may take over the most powerful position in the world.

As of this moment, I plan on writing in Mickey Mouse in November, because the current options for Presidency couldn’t even do well as a manager of a McDonald’s, let alone the manager of an entire country.

Carry on!


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