Our Flag. Our Anthem.

Our Flag. Our Anthem.

Most would say that freedom of speech is pretty black and white. In two cases in particular I beg to differ. We live in a time where anything we say out loud will most likely offend every 1 in 5 people. No matter what it is, someone will find issue with what you say.

Our Flag represents all Americans, but most of all it represents our Freedom. Why would you burn down your best representative? You want to bring those that hate you to your side? Then wear that flag and wear it proudly. You want to anger those who hate what we stand for in America? Then sing our anthem and sing it loudly. That flag was sewn in a time where every American was persecuted by tyranny. That anthem was written in a time where our very freedom and unity was at stake in the war of 1812.

The only tyranny you have now in America is your mom taking away your smart phone at the dinner table. If you do not think you are being treated fairly by your government take a little trip to a country where you can’t pray or speak when you want and how you want. I’ve been there and I’ve seen it first hand.

Our flag represents all Americans, Red or Blue. Black or White. Our Anthem represents all religions and all creeds. Look to the Olympics and you will see the untainted pride of those that represent us on their athletic fields. The cheering and the 100% authentic patriotism is what should bring us together.

Trust me when I say that sitting down during the anthem because you are a household name will do absolutely nothing to help your cause. The only thing you will get is a week of publicity, good or bad. Somebody in the position of Colin Kaepernick who was given opportunities that no low-income African-American would normally have, should not be silently protesting in this way. There is no “effect” to his “cause”. Start a program and talk to local leaders. BE A LOCAL LEADER. Sitting on your bum during a song about inclusion of freedom will only get you mocked by both the left and right. It really just shows an ignorance of your knowledge in the plight of struggling minorities while introducing a certain level of “black privilege.”

People don’t realize the value of living in America anymore, we take everything for granted. Is there hate? Yes, but that will never go away because we are not perfect. One of my favorite meme’s about the status of the American youth is an image showing 18 year olds on D-Day in 1944 storming beaches, jumping from planes, and charging into almost certain death. While in 2016, 18 year olds need safe places, because words hurt. Wear our Flag don’t burn it. Sing the Anthem don’t turn your back on it. Be a leader. Be informed. Be smart.

“Even fools, keeping silent, are considered wise; if they keep their lips closed, intelligent.” (Proverbs 17:28)


Voting for the Corrupt: A Disturbing Reality

Voting for the Corrupt: A Disturbing Reality
        Over the last 12 months I have been hip-deep in politics. Reading, researching, and developing reasons for liking certain candidates as well as reasons for utterly despising others. I have never been a Democrat and I never will, but it is absolutely shocking that the Democratic Party would put their trust, money, and control into the hands of a woman as corrupt as Hillary Clinton.
        Barrack Obama was tailor-made by the DNC to be president, having rarely voted in favor or against controversial bills and usually abstaining, which gave him a transparent background that wouldn’t hurt him in the general election. Hillary Clinton while unjustifiably clinging to both his and her husband’s coat-tails, promises a third term of the Obama White House. President Obama isn’t stupid; he knows that Hillary despises him for ruining her chances in 2008 and she is just as much a deceiver to him as Donald Trump is to the RNC.
        Soldiers get busted down for mishandling one classified document, and she has mishandled hundreds while simultaneously allowing an active unsecured server to be used for government work. It’s not only ethically wrong and potentially illegal, it is downright embarrassing. People are laughing at us from Moscow to Beijing to Pyongyang. Patriots like myself do not take that lightly. 

“We do not take lightly the security of our country, the security of our embassies, or the security of our freedom – for so many have already paid the price protecting it.”

        Gone is the time for the purity of character that is so desired in a presumptive nominee. We need experience, but we also need courage, strength, and honor. None of the aforementioned virtues are found in the likes of Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Here am I alone and confused as to why the simple farmer and the educated doctor can come to the same conclusion that Trump is the answer. Here am I alone and confused as to why the progressive liberal is so satisfied in the likes of the socialist Sanders and the closet-socialist Clinton. The three of them have a combined age of over two hundred years. Trust me when I say that wisdom does not necessarily come with age.
        Clinton tries to appeal to the middle class and to the union families, but when was the last time she ever did a lick of hard work? Everything she has received has essentially been given to her. When was the last time she kept clicking on the refresh button hoping that it would magically place money in her checking account so she could buy diapers for her children? When was the last time that she actually cared about the things she speaks so fervently about? She claims to despise the Wall Street giants yet gladly puts the bag of cash they give her in the trunk of her car after a big speech.
        Trump tries to appeal to the everyday Americans who are fed up with illegal immigration, who are fed up with a lack of jobs, and who are fed up with the “establishment.” What does he know about how we feel? Here is a guy who has never been turned down for a loan at a bank. Here is a guy who was handed a check for one million dollars to start his career and life. He tries to claim what Mitt Romney did in 2012, about how being a business man will make him a great president. However, he has bankrupted four companies and failed at over a dozen business ventures. His ignorance to the issues, his lack of gentlemanly qualities, and his utter disdain for people that are not in line with his beliefs will be his downfall.


        We cry out for change, we cry out for the removal and disposal of all those who are corrupt and drunk with power, but here we are electing them to the highest office in the land. Here we are standing before Pontius Pilate and chanting with the crowd to crucify, even though we know it is wrong. Here we are throwing our country to the wolves who will eat it alive and leave the bones for the vultures. Let us no longer allow for this to happen, let us stand up and create such a disturbance, the likes that have not been seen since the removal of tyranny from America.