Alcohol a Crippling Reality

I had maybe two beers before I turned 21, I think I have always had this profound respect for law and doing the right thing, I don’t know…
When I turned 21 I was in a war zone in Eastern Afghanistan, I couldn’t even have a near beer to celebrate because all of the Spec Ops boys drank them all. When I got home from Afghanistan I didn’t drink that much (unlike most of my peers) beer here, liquor there…didn’t do much for me to just pound it down. I much prefer drinking the good stuff and savoring the flavor of a top notch beverage. I didn’t boast about a crazy night at the club (because it never happened) I didn’t post all over social media how awesome it was to down a whole fifth of jack, because that’s not what men do.
I don’t drink away the pain like most grunts do I just push through it. I don’t know what it is but colleges seem to impress this stigmatic peer pressure of alcoholism among their students. According to the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism 4 out of 5 students drink alcohol. About half of college students that drink consume alcohol through binge drinking. What’s the point? What terribly traumatic experience has made you turn away from responsibility and turn to the bottle?
I can at least understand why Vet’s drink although I stay away from it as much as possible. I have seen death, I’ve carried dead children and handed them to their weeping parents. Was math class really that hard this week? I don’t expect sympathy and I won’t drink my sorrows away. I like being in control of me, when you lose control of what you do you stop being a rational man and start being an irrational animal.
Furthermore and most importantly, as someone who employs people I wouldn’t hire you if you had a large amount of unruly posts about drinking escapades on your social media. It doesn’t instill in me the idea that you are a grown mature adult. Be smart. Enjoy alcoholic beverages in moderation. 
Don’t give up your life or your school work because of stupidity.

What would Patton say to women in combat?

I have yet to give the world my written opinion of females being allowed into combat positions in the military: so here goes. 
I have seen combat, and I have lived it, all that modern combat is and its atrocities. It hasn’t changed people: blood still squirts out of an open wound the same way that it did in all the wars of the past. Women can’t do what I do, women will never be able to do what I do, and women should not be allowed to do it by any current or future administration. If you haven’t done it, or seen it, or smelt it, or been apart of it, then you will never know what it is like. It is not a matter of gender equality it is about protecting our country from the great oppressions of the outside world. War conventional or not is ugly and the physical capabilities of a 110 pound female cannot withstand the terror and physical endurance of battle. Battlefield medicine has changed in the last 30 years drastically from what it was but that does not change the terror that has caused when you see, smell, and hear death, or the incessant screaming of your friend in pain. 
The female composition can not handle it, need we talk about the Jessica Lynch story? I will not and I refuse to put my life in the hands of a female on the battlefield, there are so many complexities that are involved in the cohabitation of opposite sexes in the military that putting females into a male platoon would drastically change the conditions. I shared a 18 foot by 30 foot building with 19 guys this past deployment and the one before that was even worse. If you add women into the mix they would have to sleep in their own quarters with their own bathroom. My first tour in 2010 we couldn’t even have females live on our COP unless they were visiting for a couple nights. 
On the non-combat side think about the garrison life. All of the rigorous week long training exercises in any weather where we have to sleep in combat patrol bases, what are the females going to do bring PINK TENTS WITH LOCKS ON THE ZIPPERS? Say what you want about me being sexist I don’t give a shit, because when you have been where I have with the men I have you will be just fine with us keeping the infantry for ourselves. I haven’t seen any female garbage collectors recently…o wait that’s because that is gross…well fingerprinting body parts of dead guys is gross and carrying dead kids that get blown up by IED’s is gross and the last thing I would need is a crying female to deal with. 

The previous statement is 100% from the heart and I know it may make you feel differently about me and what I stand for but that is what I have done for the last 4 years. Now that I am moving on and out of the service I do not want the legacy of my military experience and that of the men before me to get tarnished by men in political power who do not understand what combat life really is.