Buzzfeed #ThinkLeft

Buzzfeed #ThinkLeft

I tend to promote the ideologies and positions of those that have right-leaning attitudes. I am tired of the millennial generation constantly being pulled towards the left with help from sites like BuzzFeed. The newest motive of this site is to initiate conflict by antagonizing Chip and Joanna Gaines, a very popular christian couple who has a show on HGTV called FixerUpper. They belong to a Christian Church where the preacher has a religious opinion about homosexuality, big surprise. Buzzfeed’s immediate attack is what do the Gaines’s believe and how can we exploit them? This is not good.

My wife and I thoroughly enjoy watching Fixer Upper. It is one of those few clean and wholesome shows on television today. It is charming, funny, and shines a great light on what marriage can be like. We live in a Christian nation, and I don’t think anyone would be shocked to know that Texas harbors a good portion of them. Although there are Christian undertones in the show Fixer Upper, who cares? They don’t push their beliefs on anyone else and they have many successful business ventures. In this day and age with small businesses constantly being threatened and killed by big government, should we not be excited and happy that some people are succeeding? Should we not applaud these good people for bringing a little bit of their cheer and happiness into our homes? The entire and only purpose of their show is to “Find the worst house in the nicest neighbor hood and make it beautiful.” That is all; nothing more, nothing less.

Every once in a blue moon (which according to astronomers is a rather rare event) Buzzfeed may actually post an article that is somewhat newsworthy. So why would they try (and fail) to derail such a great show? Today’s left-leaning media is constantly pushing agendas, as opposed to objective truth’s. What can you do? Train your ears and your mind to pick apart fake news stories. Even if you disagree 100% with the Gaines’s pastor,  does that really matter? Let us not forget the famous words of President Obama’s former pastor, Jeremiah Wright, who said, “God damn America.” Yet the left applauds him as an innovator and champion for all people. That kind of hateful rhetoric that he defended is exactly what is wrong with certain portions of this great country.

“Let the person among you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone…”(John 8:7)

If there is nothing visibly wrong with something then why try and derail a perfectly good organization? In recent years HGTV has been rather well known for being more diverse in the clientele associated with its shows, so why not just let it go? Why invent a story about a potential situation when there is no data supporting its occurrence? Every single Catholic politician who is a Democrat has a priest that is diametrically opposed to same-sex unions, so does that mean we should be going after Biden, Pelosi, or Kaine? Let’s leave the witch hunts to sophomores reading the Crucible by Arthur Miller, and go on with our boring lives binge watching Fixer Upper.

Our Flag. Our Anthem.

Our Flag. Our Anthem.

Most would say that freedom of speech is pretty black and white. In two cases in particular I beg to differ. We live in a time where anything we say out loud will most likely offend every 1 in 5 people. No matter what it is, someone will find issue with what you say.

Our Flag represents all Americans, but most of all it represents our Freedom. Why would you burn down your best representative? You want to bring those that hate you to your side? Then wear that flag and wear it proudly. You want to anger those who hate what we stand for in America? Then sing our anthem and sing it loudly. That flag was sewn in a time where every American was persecuted by tyranny. That anthem was written in a time where our very freedom and unity was at stake in the war of 1812.

The only tyranny you have now in America is your mom taking away your smart phone at the dinner table. If you do not think you are being treated fairly by your government take a little trip to a country where you can’t pray or speak when you want and how you want. I’ve been there and I’ve seen it first hand.

Our flag represents all Americans, Red or Blue. Black or White. Our Anthem represents all religions and all creeds. Look to the Olympics and you will see the untainted pride of those that represent us on their athletic fields. The cheering and the 100% authentic patriotism is what should bring us together.

Trust me when I say that sitting down during the anthem because you are a household name will do absolutely nothing to help your cause. The only thing you will get is a week of publicity, good or bad. Somebody in the position of Colin Kaepernick who was given opportunities that no low-income African-American would normally have, should not be silently protesting in this way. There is no “effect” to his “cause”. Start a program and talk to local leaders. BE A LOCAL LEADER. Sitting on your bum during a song about inclusion of freedom will only get you mocked by both the left and right. It really just shows an ignorance of your knowledge in the plight of struggling minorities while introducing a certain level of “black privilege.”

People don’t realize the value of living in America anymore, we take everything for granted. Is there hate? Yes, but that will never go away because we are not perfect. One of my favorite meme’s about the status of the American youth is an image showing 18 year olds on D-Day in 1944 storming beaches, jumping from planes, and charging into almost certain death. While in 2016, 18 year olds need safe places, because words hurt. Wear our Flag don’t burn it. Sing the Anthem don’t turn your back on it. Be a leader. Be informed. Be smart.

“Even fools, keeping silent, are considered wise; if they keep their lips closed, intelligent.” (Proverbs 17:28)


Parenting Gone Wrong

In today’s world how can you expect your kids to turn out okay without ruling with an iron fist of tyrannical authority? In the case of Miley Cyrus I am sad to announce that spanking must not have worked on her. Maybe if Billy Ray used a wooden spoon like my mom, then his precious little star would have turned into something other than a skanky misrepresentation of a modern day Shirley Temple.

Now if Miss Cyrus ever expects to have a life that is even remotely comparable to the 85 year old Shirley she might need to seriously consider turning her life around. Suggestion number one would be give up all her possessions and enlist in the Navy. (Only reason why I don’t say the Army, is because she wouldn’t make it through basic training.) Suggestion number two that is not quite so drastic would be to publicly apologize for her actions last Sunday. I would say at least 75% of her fan base is 20 and younger, and honestly I am glad I do not have any kids yet so that they weren’t exposed to her indecent acts on television. Her moral compass obviously needs to be fixed. I never thought I would devote time to Miley Cyrus on my blog (all 241 words) but I really think that parents need to be more apart of their kids lives and actually filter what they are watching on the T.V.

The Rocks keep coming

Well recently our esteemed platoon sergeant decided to detain (arrest) any elder that was involved in allowing the kids to throw rocks at his soldiers. His idea behind this was to threaten them with jail if they continued to allow kids to fling rocks at us. The theory worked for a few weeks but these kids are so unruly that they fail to listen to their elders…What are kids coming to these days?

I thing you can see where this is going…

I was most recently attacked 2 days ago by the rascals so I of course retaliated immediately with equal force. Thankfully I brought my loyal wrist rocket 9000 and a bag of red paint balls to sling at the young vagabonds. They then decided it was a grand idea to throw even bigger rocks at me. These young fools were quite close several times to beaning me in the face with these sharp projectiles.

If it were not for my part matrix like abilities, these charlatans would have wounded me more than once. I have furthermore concluded that paint balls are not quite painful enough of an object for me to propel out of my sling so I am going to upgrade to marbles. One might think that marbles are a little much, or even a soldier of my quiet poise should not be hitting children with objects because they are innocent and do not know any better.  

You are quite mistaken!

I firmly believe that the acts I have committed of slinging rocks/paint balls at these young swashbucklers is quite appropriate. Just imagine me chastising them in their parents place…because of course they don’t do it… I am teaching them a lesson, so to speak. Granted, I do wear an XL helmet so I know I am quite the target, and these kids probably think it is just a game.

First one to hit the big headed guy wins!

Nonetheless, it is my solemn duty as a soldier of America to defend myself, and in the case of these young peasants, I will not stop because of their age.

So you see, although I tend to be portrayed as the big-hearted gentle giant, I do indeed have a do not mess with me side. So all I can say if you wanna throw rocks you better think twice, pal!

The art of Peacefulness

In my job as a United States Infantryman there are a lot of stresses that we have and need to overcome. Most of these stresses result from combat, but a lot of them also come from family problems that we can not do anything about while we are deployed.

For example I just recently found out that my good buddy’s mom has breast cancer. No matter what your current state is, this news would be devastating to anyone. However, with this specific friend it is even worse. His mom lacks the funds and health care in order to help her with this disease. Furthermore, she is all he has in this world, and like many of us his mom is the one person who he is closest too. He is the youngest in my platoon and has no idea how to handle this stress which increases everyday.

Honestly, the only thing that I can do for him is pray. I have no idea what he must be feeling and honestly I can’t say anything to make him feel better. So all I told him was that I would pray for him and his mom. What can we do to have peace of mind when something deadly is so imminent? Prayer is the only answer.

Although not at the same caliber as my friend by any means, I too have had my share of stresses over here in this God-forsaken land and the only comfort I have for this is prayer. The only peace I gain is through prayer, and the only prayers I say are for peace.

In my opinion, the New Testament, especially the four Gospels, are teaching us to be peaceful. Do not almost all of Jesus’ parables and sermons deal with peace? In His time and in our time peace is something that is so hard to find. People get bogged down in worldly things because that is the one thing that the devil can always get at us for. Any excuse that we give the devil he will use to break us down spiritually. And that my friends is why we must continuously pray for peace of mind and body.

When we are truly at peace we are glowing with a spiritual smile that in many instances will instill peace in others. 
“Good example is the most efficacious apostolate. You must be as lighted lanterns and shine like brilliant chandeliers among men. By your good example and your words, animate others to know and love God.” 
St. Mary Joseph Rossello

Rock Flinging 101

Well some of the people who read my blog to keep up with my daily life over here in Afghanistan really liked the bit I wrote on slingshots. So with that said one of my associates (who shall remain anonymous) and I have decided that I should continue writing about the sport of rock flinging.

First off there are two types of slingshots, or at least two that I am familiar with. There is David slingshot named of course after King David from the Bible. Yes I am sure there are more contemporary names like nylon slingshot or whatever else people have come up with; but because it is my blog I feel like I can dub it whatever I want. This sling shot is very simply made but is for expert rock tossers only.

The whole idea behind this version is to create a maximum amount of speed in order to repel the enemy with a rock thrown at a great velocity. You place the rock preferably one of average size into the pouch that is in the middle of the rope or nylon material and to spin the slingshot repeatedly until you it has reached the desired speed. Once maximum velocity is gained the rock athlete releases one end of the material when the rock pouch is facing the direction of the enemy and the rock will be flung with great force in hopes to hit the target.

A lot of up and coming rock athletes have a problem with this version of the sling shot because their rocks tend to go down at the ground as opposed to up and away at the target. For these rock enthusiasts I would suggest getting the other version of the slingshot which is a lot easier to use. This version comes in many forms, colors, and materials. I own the Wrist-rocket 9000 which is a favorite now a day do to its great support on the wrist which allows for better stabilization while firing. The model I own is created by the company Dixie and comes with a small container of BB’s which alas are much smaller then they should be. It is made of a very lightweight metal that is painted with a black finish. The slick design and extra long rubber band make it possible to fling a rock to distances of up to 50 meters.

So like I said if you are new to the sport of rock throwing buy a slingshot like the one they create at Dixie and you will be way ahead of the power curve. Well more to come later on the subject but for now it is off to bed.