My Political Identity, a Hazy Reality

In today’s era of rampant political discourse, one’s political identity is a much talked about mechanism to how we view and label each other. For how much I appreciate the Pew Research Center, I think the political party test is a little off-base for an accurate prediction across all spectrums. Determining an actual party is easy and generally, has to do more with leadership in the Party then actual core values. (For me at least) I had always been a Republican until somewhere around Spring of 2016 when I attended the Missouri Republican Convention as a delegate for the City of Ferguson in Missouri. (Yes, that Ferguson)

I took the liberty of copying the questions from the quiz to this report in an effort to better dissect the questions as I think that there are many more factors involved. (1) Which statements comes closer to your own views – even if neither is exactly right? Business corporations make too much profit, or most corporations make a fair and reasonable amount of profit. This is a rather easy question we are in a free-market capitalist society, as long as Corporations are following the rule of law then they should be able to make as much profit as possible because it helps the economy.

(2) Which statements comes closer to your own views – even if neither is exactly right? Problems in the world would be even worse without U.S. involvement, or U.S. efforts to solve problems around the world usually end up making things worse. There is a middle ground here. If the U.S. didn’t help at all then we would be a Giant Switzerland, minus the pretty mountains and Rolex watches. If we limited it severely then we would fall under the category of a libertarian nation. (Too extreme and cultish) There needs to be a happy balance which I don’t think Republicans or Democrats do well. The current layout of our worldwide assistance and strongholds are derived mostly from a post WWII era. I lean towards the former, that problems in the world would be worse without us.

(3) Do you think it is the responsibility of the federal government to make sure all Americans have health care coverage? No, I do not. If the founding fathers thought that the Government needed to run dozens if not hundreds of programs, then it would be in the Constitution. Universal Healthcare in its current status is not affordable for the people paying for it. It is affordable for the people who get it for next to nothing, subsidized through my payments. This could be a paper all on its own.

(4) Do you strongly favor, favor, oppose, or strongly oppose allowing gays and lesbians to marry legally? In an effort to not be branded a bigot, I’ll just say oppose. The reasoning for one’s answer to this question ultimately comes down to how religious they are. If you stand by the fundamental tenants of a monotheistic religion, Christianity, Judaism, or Islam you likely oppose this.

(5) Which statement comes closer to your own views – even if neither is exactly right? Government is doing too many things that would be better left to businesses and individuals, or Government should do more to solve problems. This is a vague question, yes, government should do more to solve problems, but what problems? Poverty? Low education scores? The Federal Government is a monstrosity, an ungreased goliath of greed, power, and abuse. More should be left up to businesses, individuals, and the over 89 thousand local governments as they know more about what is good for society and what can solve problems than the federal government.

(6) Which comes closer to your view about how to handle undocumented immigrants who are now living in the U.S.? They should not be allowed to stay here legally, or they should be allowed to stay here legally. I think there is a middle ground here. I also think that the question doesn’t properly define “legally.” I don’t think illegal immigrants should get auto-citizenship or be grandfathered in. I think that depending on the length of their time here and how they are contributing to society should make a difference on how they are allowed to proceed. The criminals and those purposefully skirting taxes should be jailed or deported.

(7) Which statement comes closer to your own views – even if neither is exactly right? This country has gone too far in its efforts to protect the environment, or this country should do whatever it takes to protect the environment. I think that some politicians have un-scientific views about the disposition of the environment, but I do think that all should be done to protect the environment within reason. “Whatever it takes” is rather extreme but I lean towards this view specifically on the grounds of clean air and pollution. More money should also be put into making solar power more affordable.

(8) Do you think abortion should be legal in all cases, legal in most cases, illegal in most cases, or illegal in all cases? Yes, illegal in all cases. Murder is murder. This would be a whole book of an explanation.

(9) Which of the following comes closer to your view about the federal government’s efforts to prevent terrorism? Muslims living in the U.S. should be subject to more scrutiny than people in other religious groups, or Muslims living in the U.S. should NOT be subject to additional scrutiny solely because of their religion. If the Muslim’s living in the U.S. are here legally or are citizen’s then they should not be subject to more scrutiny. All religions are protected under the freedom of religion clause in the first amendment, period.

(10) Having an increasing number of people of different races, ethnic groups and nationalities in the U.S. makes this country a better place to live, a worse place to live, or doesn’t make much difference either way. Diversity makes any country a better place to live if they are all accepted equally. Different views coming together bring well rounded views to this melting pot of a society.

(11) Which statement comes closer to your own views – even if neither is exactly right? The economic system in this country is generally fair to most Americans, or the economic system in this country unfairly favors powerful interests. As the final question this is annoyingly vague. What specific economic system? Capitalism? Taxation? I firmly believe that in America you can make as much money as you want, doing whatever you want. Whether it is running a Fortune 500 company or turning empty whiskey bottles into lamps at a small boutique shop.

All-in-all I was labeled a Conservative Republican. I’m shocked! The real problem with this is that I’m a Conservative Independent. With the election of Donald J. Trump in November, a severe identity crisis has overcome the Republican party. I look forward to it returning back to the Party of Lincoln so I can rejoin in the future.

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