Buzzfeed #ThinkLeft

I tend to promote the ideologies and positions of those that have right-leaning attitudes. I am tired of the millennial generation constantly being pulled towards the left with help from sites like BuzzFeed. The newest motive of this site is to initiate conflict by antagonizing Chip and Joanna Gaines, a very popular christian couple who has a show on HGTV called FixerUpper. They belong to a Christian Church where the preacher has a religious opinion about homosexuality, big surprise. Buzzfeed’s immediate attack is what do the Gaines’s believe and how can we exploit them? This is not good.

My wife and I thoroughly enjoy watching Fixer Upper. It is one of those few clean and wholesome shows on television today. It is charming, funny, and shines a great light on what marriage can be like. We live in a Christian nation, and I don’t think anyone would be shocked to know that Texas harbors a good portion of them. Although there are Christian undertones in the show Fixer Upper, who cares? They don’t push their beliefs on anyone else and they have many successful business ventures. In this day and age with small businesses constantly being threatened and killed by big government, should we not be excited and happy that some people are succeeding? Should we not applaud these good people for bringing a little bit of their cheer and happiness into our homes? The entire and only purpose of their show is to “Find the worst house in the nicest neighbor hood and make it beautiful.” That is all; nothing more, nothing less.

Every once in a blue moon (which according to astronomers is a rather rare event) Buzzfeed may actually post an article that is somewhat newsworthy. So why would they try (and fail) to derail such a great show? Today’s left-leaning media is constantly pushing agendas, as opposed to objective truth’s. What can you do? Train your ears and your mind to pick apart fake news stories. Even if you disagree 100% with the Gaines’s pastor,  does that really matter? Let us not forget the famous words of President Obama’s former pastor, Jeremiah Wright, who said, “God damn America.” Yet the left applauds him as an innovator and champion for all people. That kind of hateful rhetoric that he defended is exactly what is wrong with certain portions of this great country.

“Let the person among you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone…”(John 8:7)

If there is nothing visibly wrong with something then why try and derail a perfectly good organization? In recent years HGTV has been rather well known for being more diverse in the clientele associated with its shows, so why not just let it go? Why invent a story about a potential situation when there is no data supporting its occurrence? Every single Catholic politician who is a Democrat has a priest that is diametrically opposed to same-sex unions, so does that mean we should be going after Biden, Pelosi, or Kaine? Let’s leave the witch hunts to sophomores reading the Crucible by Arthur Miller, and go on with our boring lives binge watching Fixer Upper.

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