The Necessity of Prayer

How many of us are stressed out today? How many hours of sleep did you get last night three or four hours maybe? How do you expect to get through the day on only three hours of sleep? Coffee can not work everyday but a large dose of prayer will! Perhaps the most beautiful thing about prayer is its spontaneity. As a Catholic we have many many written prayers that are quite beautiful and win us many graces but God likes it ever so more if it is personal. I don’t know how many times I have walked into the chapel and just said “Hey hows it going? Just stopping in to say hi and thanks for a great day!” See how easy it is? Do you know how happy that makes him to see his creation actually taking the time to say hi?

Fanominal actually, I then think back to the types of prayer: Petition, Thanksgiving, Contrition, and Adoration. These can come in any order but we must remember that too much one is not healthy. Sounds ironic doesn’t it? Too much prayer is not healthy? In reality what I really mean is that we need an even amount of all three. We can not go around all day saying Lord I need this I need that because we need to learn to bear our crosses. And also because asking for too much can easily turn from prayer to heartless begging. Put your heart, mind, soul, and body into your prayer! Make it meaningful, concentrate on the purpose of your prayer. What is your aim in praying? The good thing is that there is never someone or something that does not need your prayer. And that is exactly where the necessity of it comes into play just look at our college campus’s, for example, teeming with immorality at every turn. The hardest thing about condemning immorality is that people will then look at us like we are above them. Wrong perception! Pray for the rebuilding of consciences! Pray for an increase in guilt so that the sinner will be sorry and repent.
These are just fruits of thought for a day that is in need of prayer.

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