Rock Flinging 101

Well some of the people who read my blog to keep up with my daily life over here in Afghanistan really liked the bit I wrote on slingshots. So with that said one of my associates (who shall remain anonymous) and I have decided that I should continue writing about the sport of rock flinging.

First off there are two types of slingshots, or at least two that I am familiar with. There is David slingshot named of course after King David from the Bible. Yes I am sure there are more contemporary names like nylon slingshot or whatever else people have come up with; but because it is my blog I feel like I can dub it whatever I want. This sling shot is very simply made but is for expert rock tossers only.

The whole idea behind this version is to create a maximum amount of speed in order to repel the enemy with a rock thrown at a great velocity. You place the rock preferably one of average size into the pouch that is in the middle of the rope or nylon material and to spin the slingshot repeatedly until you it has reached the desired speed. Once maximum velocity is gained the rock athlete releases one end of the material when the rock pouch is facing the direction of the enemy and the rock will be flung with great force in hopes to hit the target.

A lot of up and coming rock athletes have a problem with this version of the sling shot because their rocks tend to go down at the ground as opposed to up and away at the target. For these rock enthusiasts I would suggest getting the other version of the slingshot which is a lot easier to use. This version comes in many forms, colors, and materials. I own the Wrist-rocket 9000 which is a favorite now a day do to its great support on the wrist which allows for better stabilization while firing. The model I own is created by the company Dixie and comes with a small container of BB’s which alas are much smaller then they should be. It is made of a very lightweight metal that is painted with a black finish. The slick design and extra long rubber band make it possible to fling a rock to distances of up to 50 meters.

So like I said if you are new to the sport of rock throwing buy a slingshot like the one they create at Dixie and you will be way ahead of the power curve. Well more to come later on the subject but for now it is off to bed.

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  1. Sling-expert says:

    Fun Fact:

    To use a “David sling,” you only spin the sling overhead one time, not many. the more you spin it, the lower your accuracy becomes, with zero gain in velocity to make up for it. One revolution is enough to get the rock to terminal velocity.

    If you are just starting out with the David sling, a good trick is to tie one end of it to your wrist, and hold the other in that same hand, that way you can sling and just let go when you want the rock to fly, rather than having to let go with a few fingers and hold onto the other end with the other fingers, as is normally done.


  2. Egidio says:

    Thank you for your insight it is good to hear from other rock athletes! And with the David sling I have seen it done several ways.


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