Bullying never gets old

Ever wonder where the class bully went from middle school? For some of you poor unfortunates all the way up to your senior year of high school as well. They definitely did not stop their bullying tirades but instead got into an occupation where they could continue their glorious escapades of picking on the faint of heart. That occupation is of course the United States Army and most especially the Infantry.

I must say that this piece of writing is about a particular person who shall remain nameless for the sake of argument, however I did tell him that I planned on writing about him. This particular chap I will refer to in this blog as T.  T is a person when growing up was very gruff in nature, meaning in the strictest sense that he hunted, fished, and was a typical outdoors-man. It is quite natural for people that live outside the city to have characteristics like T, however his life is a little different. Ever since he could remember has been a bully. I doubt it was to the extremity of stealing lunch money and giving swirlies but I am sure he was quite the enforcer when it came to the little weak kids of the class.

One of the things I have noticed about bully’s is that they are immature. I am sure that back in school it might have had its perks being the tough guy, but c’mon folks it is time to grow up. Recently, I had a rather nice chat with my team leader. We are both the same age, and we have our differences, but he knows he can rely on me no matter what to get the job done. We were talking about the people we work with, and how some of them would not work very well in the civilian world. It is not that they would not work hard it is just that they lack the people skills necessary to work with others. This is the case of T who although a hard worker, to a certain extent, lacks the skills necessary to get a long with everyone. He will stay in the Army for a full career, because by staying here he will always be able to be in a position of power over the weak-willed. He will be able to keep playing the role of bully for the rest of his life.

Bullying never gets old.  People grow older but some people never grow-up.

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