The Heart of the Church

“Et ego dico tibi quia tu es Petrus et super hanc petram aedificabo ecclesiam meam et portae inferi non praevalebunt adversum eam. Et tibi dabo claves regni caelorum et quodcumque ligaveris super terram erit ligatum in caelis et quodcumque solveris super terram erit solutum in caelis.” (Matthew 16: 18-19)
You might ask Why Latin? Well, just a little history for you then…Saint Jerome who is known as a Doctor of the Church translated the Bible from Hebrew to Latin between  382 and 405 AD. I am sure the actual year is not known because he spent quite some time translating it. Although known for his temper St. Jerome was a counselor to Pope’s and a wise and holy man.
My dad was always a big Latin buff, but I, on the other hand, was never too fond of learning the language in middle school. I now have a profound regard for it. It is the language of the Church and has been that way since its conception. I have gone to several Mass’s that were said in Latin and gained a whole different perspective on the language. The Latin Mass is very old, and whenever I attend I feel a spiritual reverence that I don’t while attending the Novus Ordo Missae.
The peacefulness that I feel when attending the Latin Mass is amazing. In some way, that is virtually unexplainable, it brings me back to a period before all of this new age rubbish. I am not referring to the the new form of the Mass as prescribed at the Second Vatican Council. I am alluding to the corruption of the Sacrament through the laity and priests. As Catholics, we tend to look the other way when it comes to corruption.
Quick side note: I am speaking of my own opinion in this matter, although I say “As Catholics”I am still speaking in the first person, and about my opinion of the topic.
Corruption comes in many forms and in the case of corruption in the Sacrament of the Eucharist I refer to the minor instances when people have changed the liturgy to best suit their personal beliefs. Beliefs that differ from what the Church preaches. The purpose of this blog post is not to site-specific instances of this corruption, but to point out that it is there. Feel free to email me if you want examples.
It’s undeniable, when certain priest’s throughout the universal Church were charged with sexual assault many of us covered it up, as well as the presiding Bishops. When I say “us” I am referring to people not wanting to believe it and denying it happened. This should not be the case! I love the priesthood and I thought about joining it very hard from middle school through high school. Many people who loved the Catholic faith left it because of immoral acts of certain priests. These acts were overlooked and nothing was done of the problems they caused. Pope Benedict XVI has done a lot to amend for the terrible acts that happened. I was referring to immediate action on those specific instances.
We must be responsible for our actions!
How many times did your mom tell you that when you were a kid? I lost count. My point in all this is to take a different look at Catholicism as a whole. Do not look at it as some corrupt organization controlled by greedy pontiffs. Do not look at the times when the devil took control of men in positions of power in the Church. Instead, look at the good the Church brings. Look at the Traditions that the Church has kept for 2,000 years.
The Catholic Church is perfect, in and of itself. It is an institution created by Jesus the second person in the most Holy Trinity. It is untarnished and will never die because it is bound on earth and lives on in Heaven for all eternity.

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  1. bre says:

    So true! Good reminder of the corruption in this world. It's so easy to become complacent and forget it's our responsibility to act.
    This quote kinda relates 🙂

    “Not 100 in the United States hate the Roman Catholic Church, but millions hate what they mistakenly think the Roman Catholic Church is.” Bishop Fulton J. Sheen


  2. Egidio says:

    Wow I really like that quote…so true.


  3. Ken C says:

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


  4. Egidio says:

    I changed it, thanks.


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