Freedom of Speech can be a Hurtful Thing.

A father was burrying his son, which is something he should never have to do. His son didn’t die from a car accident or get shot by a drug dealer, he was killed in war. His death was honorable, he died so his buddy next to him could live, he died for his country. Less than one percent of our population serves in the military, and when one of these people dies they should be honored and revered.

At the funeral of this dead marine there were protests. The people were not protesting the man that died, they did not care about him. They were protesting because they had the right to.

What is the point?

It is hard for me to write about this topic because it hits close to home for me. A dear friend of mine who I memorialized in a picture on my blog was killed in action. He was a man with a family and he was a man that loved his soldiers. He had a huge funeral in his hometown, even people that didn’t know him came. They came because they knew he died honorably, they came because he died for them.

I couldnt imagine anything sadder than a father having to bury his son. For a father to look up from his son’s grave and see people holding signs that said he deserved to die is a terrible monstrosity. I have nothing against the Freedom of Speech it is our right to state our opinion. But what is the point of dishonoring a war hero? If you have a problem with military laws then go protest at a¬†courthouse, do not protest such a sacred place as a cemetary.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Michael, you are so right and as much as their actions offend me, I can't begin to imagine how offensive and hurtful it is to those of you who serve us so honorably. Pray for them – it is the best response to anger and hurt. Obviously, they are very mislead and need help.

    I enjoy your blogs so much! Keep it up!


  2. Egidio says:

    Thank you for the support!


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