Spiritual Warfare- An Undeniable Reality

As a soldier in Afghanistan, it is in the norm to be attacked and wounded without seeing your enemy. When the enemy attacks, he attacks swift and at the smartest possible location. In some occasions he will hurt you, or a fellow soldier you are with. However, there are times where you will injure him, and destroy him so badly that he wont fight you for weeks. The enemy too has to regain strength and motive. To a lot of you this might sound familiar. Besides being an actual truth in the war against the Taliban it is also a direct correllation to spiritual warfare.

News Flash: There is a Satan and he is not a nice guy. Spiritual warfare works in the same way that unconventional warfare works. The only exception is the weapon of choice for the enemy, and for yourself is different. Spiritual warfare is the oldest form of battle, it originated at the beginning of man’s existence. Satan wants your soul. That is his primary objective in his hellishly eternal life. The more of God’s children he pulls away the happier he becomes, and the stronger he becomes. What do I mean by stronger? He doesnt get stronger in terms of paralleling him to God, but he does get stronger in knowledge. The knowledge of the way people work, if you have a bad habit, Satan turns it into an even worse habit. Any loophole he can find he will, and he will use any means necessary to bring you down.

He will tempt you with all manner of sins, some of which take over whole cities, others whole countries. He is so strong that he can force certain movements upon the world, whether it is the gay- rights movement, or the pro abortion movement. In the same breath he also undermines marriage, and promotes people to be indifferent to all subjects. How many times have you heard someone say: “I would never do that, but I am not going to tell someone else not to.” What a cop-out, take responsibility for the evil in the world, and change it!
If the United States finds it within themselves to be the police force of the world, then why can you not find it in yourself to be the spiritual police of the world. Do not tell someone they are doing wrong, for it is not in our place to judge, however you can teach them the path you follow. Maybe they will listen, maybe they will not. One soul is better than none.

I recently had a rather enlightening talk with a leader, and he was telling me about a couple books he read. Both were works of fiction, one had to do with spending time in hell, and the other was spending time in heaven. Yes, they are works of fiction, it wasnt an autobiography of God and one of Satan. There could likely have been no truth whatsoever to the books, but then again maybe there was. God works in mysterious ways. If somebody has a good opinion of what hell might be like, write it down, show it to people. If a thousand people read that book about hell and 999 of them laughed it off as rubbish, does that mean that it was pointless? Hell no, look folks if that one other person read that fictional novel and got a different look then the other people and he changed his life around, that author saved a soul. That person who wrote those fictional words inspired somebody to rethink there life and ultimately he beat the devil.

Words are a powerful tool against Satan. Prayer is a powerful tool against both him and his thousands of demons. Sure the Catholic church has plenty of pretty awesome prayers you can say when you are being tempted (attacked) to do wrong. But the strongest prayer is the personal prayer you say against the devil. Denounce him silently, denounce him outloud. Let him know you know he is there and that you could care less because you have a guardian angel to protect you. St. Michael the Archangel, drop kicked Satan out of heaven. So I am pretty sure they dont have a very good relationship. Use St. Michael, use your faith in angels, and your faith in God to repel him from your spiritual fortress. Build stronger walls through repetition of prayer, through acts of contrition, and most of all continue to profess your love for Jesus and in the same breath denounce Satan and all his works.

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