The last few weeks: Contemplating Reality

As the last few weeks of deployment draw near, I find myself contemplating this reality I face. The reality of coming home to America as someone who has seen combat, seen death, and lived to tell the tale. I wonder how the vets from the World Wars and Vietnam felt coming home because God knows they have seen more than me. However in this day in age the battles we fight are as dangerous as it gets. I wonder if I will be “different” when I talk to my friends who have been at college while I have been away. I wonder if I will be different when I talk to my family about the things I have seen, the places I have been.

In reality, I will be, but will I let that affect me? Nope, I can not at this early stage in my life let the problems I have seen in the last year destroy everything I believe in. Take what you learn and transform it into something you can teach. We are all teachers in our own little way, whether it is teaching a subject in a classroom or showing new privates what it means to be a real soldier.

Im excited to go home, it is nice to actually be able to sit back and be able to say just a couple more weeks till I’m home. Being able to daydream about all the fun things I will do at home, all the good company, and good food. It really is a blessing to have made it through a year in a combat zone unscathed by the destruction of war. I must say that I will always miss the two men from my platoon that we lost in October. Rest in peace Kenneth Mcaninch and Diego Solorozano. You two were leaders that I will never forget.

To my readers I hope to continue this blog when I get back to Fort Campbell but it will probably be more sporadic unless a lot of things come up for me to write about. Never stop smiling and always remember when life is hard it can always get worse so just drive on through with your head held high.

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