Protesting for the sake of protesting: A Modern Reality

Nobody can deny the deep history and traditions that are rooted in the Catholic Church. Whether you are Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist or any other non-Christian religion you can not deny the history that is put forth about this 2000 year old faith. In recent times (the last half-century) we have stopped clinging to religion and have started to lose faith in the idea of a supernatural being that is in charge of the universe. Instead we dwell so much on the present, whether it is the economy, gas prices, or shopping for Christmas in September we fail to realize what is truly important in our lives.

Yesterday, on the 22 of September the Holy Vicar of Christ who can be traced back to St. Peter through Apostolic succession visited his native country of Germany to speak to the German Parliament. Although the 60,000 faithful outnumbered those who were protesting which numbered slightly under 10,000 it is a sad thing for me as an American Catholic to hear about. One of the protestors even commented that he thought there was separation of church and state in his country.

Since when does a pope talking to a political sect of the government, whether parliament or senate constitute as a breach in the philosophy of separation between Church and State? Let us just think of it as the parliament taking a field trip to listen to a well educated peace maker. Why would people protest the Catholic Church and her doctrine about homosexuals? Considering that and the use of contraceptives are two leading causes for protesting and boycotting the church. If you want to be a part of the Catholic Church yet you believe in the openness of homosexuality, contraceptives, and the institution female clergyman then join the Episcopalian or Anglicans. In my opinion the idea of conservatism and traditionalistic values originated or was strengthened within the Catholic Church. The Church does not change with the times. Instead she adapts the way in which she proclaims her theology.

Defend what you believe in! Do not decide to change your values due to the times that we are in. How do you expect to bring up children on the principles of irrational change? Respect the opinion of the Pope if you are not Catholic, he is a renowned Theologian and very highly educated. His views mean more than just “religion” they mean the way all should live their lives according to the path that was set for all mankind to follow. The path of Truth.

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  1. bre says:

    As you know we've been talking about Episcopalians in class this week. The Episcopal bishop for this area is in a homosexual relationship which has been okay-ed until all House of bishops and house of deputies meet. One church in the area lost 50 of their 300 parishioners. It's interesting that even though it appears people are wanting change many do not. Meanwhile, the Catholic Church is slowly digging deeper into traditions that have been overlooked so to say, such as the new missal. Ultimately the churches conforming to our culture are not going to maintain their members because they will constantly have to change as the world changes. Sorry, long comment…but I just agree with you obviously 🙂


  2. Egidio says:

    You could have just said I think the Pope has style with his cool hat…


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