A long day of work.

Our work days are long, and the spirit is low but the outcome is ever so important. At the end of the day you have to ask yourself if what you did for that day was worth it. When I have a large task to overcome that I am nervous for I try to look at the big picture. In 30 years I am going to look back on today and say, “Wow that was pretty dumb.” I always look at the positive side, and say “I am going to live for a hundred years,” but who really know what will happen. Regardless of when I am going to die, when I do, I will spend an eternity somewhere. So in the long run, that hard task you had to do so long ago on that ever so stressful day really just doesn’t matter.

Do not be discouraged when the going gets rough. Do not believe that the day you are on is the worst day you have ever experienced, because trust me it can always get worse. Take joy in the little things and heed what I have to say because before you get discouraged and angry at the wrong person know that you will be sorry later.

Control your mind, experience an inner calm, fight through the tough hills of the day in hopes that tomorrow will bring about a much anticipated break.

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