Living Life in a Forgotten Reality

I always said I wish I lived in the early 20th century. Life seemed so much simpler back then. Okay, yes in reality there were two huge wars and a great depression, but still life was simple. We did not have all the great amenities that people depend on so much nowadays. Yes I enjoy those amenities immensely but if we did not have them it would not make a difference to me.
The first one I would like to hit on is texting and cell phones. (Keep in mind when I’m not in Afghanistan I do text and I do have a cellular device.) Texting is impersonal and the only way most parents correspond with their children outside the home is by “shooting them a message.” When it comes down to the meat and potatoes of the idea of texting it really is harmless. Texting is simple, fast, cheap, and it helps you stay connected. However, texting also breeds insecurity. Young people in todays world thrive on relationships that have started from a result of texting and online messaging. This creates a completely alternate universe where the lad or lass can portray themselves as any individual they want to be. It takes away from the physical interacting between couples so much that eventually if your relationship leads to something more concrete in the literal sense it destroys it in the physical sense. 
Last tour to Af-dirt-istan I was able to build a very good relationship structured upon the idea of communication with my then girlfriend. I wasn’t able to text or instant message and all the communicating had to be done over the telephone or Skype. Due to the fact that we were only able to express our feelings, thoughts, and ideas verbally over the phone we were able to construct a relationship built upon trust and understanding. Many times instant messaging and texting cannot get the underlying tone across to the other person. So for this first topic my advice to you is if you have the chance to call, then call. So many more feelings are emitted when you hear the other person’s voice as opposed to a hollow text stating  I love you.
The second and last topic for this post that I would like to discuss is the failing morality of the world we live in today. Two and three generations ago our grandparents and great grandparents had to go through a lot of the same types of moral decisions that we have to go through now. However, morality in society was more structured, there were more unwritten rules and laws regulating what was acceptable and what was not. I just wish other than living in a monastery or a convent that I could work and live in a society that cared about morals and ethics. Nobody ever wants to admit that they have no morals or that they are seriously lacking in personal and ideolgical values. I recently posted to Fakebook about the ability for the morning after pill to be purchased by anybody regardless of parental consent. Instead of talking about the morality side of how this destroys our young women, people kept bringing up about how everyones morals are different and the world is changing. Gag! Oh the utter hypocrisy!
If you polled 30 different people of different ages, genders, and races in a big city such as NYC you would probably get 30 relatively same answers as to the definition of morality. Do you agree? Although those people all gave relatively the same Webster answer I would stake my rank that all 30 of those individuals live a very different moral code. I.e. It is okay to kill a murderer but it is not okay to murder. It is okay to have sex but only after certain age. It is okay to abort an unborn baby but only before a certain week. I could go on and on but it would only anger you because so many us have forgotten our own morality.
Decide what you believe in and stick to it. Have multiple reasons and examples of why you believe what you believe in so that you can share with others and reinstate a more consistent moral reality into society. Schedule one on one time with your wife, with your kids, and with your girlfriend or boyfriend. I encourage you to talk with them about what they believe in and what they understand is right and acceptable. Openness in any type of relationship will only breed strength, desirability, and everlasting unity.
Note to reader: All above ideas are the sole opinions of the writer and he is not speaking on behalf of any groups or organizations.

Next blog post will be titled Music and Dancing a Lost Reality. 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Make sure to include the need for an awesome dance teacher in your next blog! 🙂


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