Music and Dancing a Lost Reality

So I finally had the opportunity for Mass and Confession today in the ‘Stan. During the homily Father mentioned that when he was younger he always hated it when elders would say “Back in the day,” before they mentioned how much they hated something in the ever so modern present times. He then said now that he was getting older he started to use that phrase way to much as well. I am nigh on 23 years of age myself and I must say I wish that I am able to use that statement as if I were an older person. Instead I must tell people how much I wish that we still lived back in the day. Back in the day of soft jazz music, swing dancing, and far away from the lost reality of the profane and loud music of todays new age. 
I wish I could say that I pride myself at being a fantastic classical dancer, but alas, I am no Fred Astaire. I am merely a strong admirer of the graceful steps of Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, Donald O’Connor, and the many other actors and actresses that seemed to dance the night away. 
Nowadays, the schools that our children attend offer nothing but the modern anti-religious rap, rock, and pop music that our society sees as acceptable. In both private and public schools the teens are not exposed to any of the classics but instead crave the modern pop and rap that is sung by less than admirable examples of immorality. And on the dancing side of things all school proms and homecoming mixers have to over is the slow sway of romantic songs and the grinding and bumping of the more loud and perverse rap, rock, and pop.
My wife and I own a record player that we use on a relatively regular basis while cooking and cleaning. I have collected a couple dozen records of mostly jazz and classical, but also soundtracks from old movies. When playing them I am overcome with acute longing for a time in which I never was apart of.
From time to time I encourage you to switch the T.V. to the TCM station and watch and old movie. Watch a classic family movie (i.e. Top Hat, Singing in the Rain) or at least teach your kids about classical music and the history of dancing. In my mind it is important to know where we came from and try our darndest to reach back to that era and reclaim it.

Be an avid part of your kids lives and never fail to teach them the right thing, teach them about your past and your parents past so that they know what it was like when it was harder to live and you worked from the time you walked to the time you couldn’t anymore.

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  1. Horforia says:

    Now you HAVE to learn to dance, just so you can teach your kids! good luck with that 🙂


  2. @$473>- says:

    I agree, you have to learn! Plus it would make for cute pictures and great memories with your wife! I think I'm inspired to take Roy out dancing at some cozy little Jazz club… or maybe, we can transform our apartment into one. So fun, thanks for the inspiration. 🙂


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