A Forgotten Belief

In times that are rooted in great desolation,
A soldier stands to defend a nation.

We fight for freedom and security,
In a land that is fraught with great impurity.

A country that survived a civil war,
Also lived to fight several more.

We sing of freedom, justice, and love,
But in this decrepit reality we have none of the above.

The code of morals, of ethics, our creed,
Has been watered down out of malice and greed.

Just like the senators of ancient Rome,
Ours too should rebel in our sad little home.

The ideas our forefathers started in this place,
Have weathered away like Mount Rushmore’s stony face.

With a fake smile and change for the worse,
They have slowly dried up this country’s purse.

And all we can do is hope and pray,
That some brave man will save the day.

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