A Lovely Dream

I wrote this poem for my beloved wife, while apart from her in Afghanistan.

I lay in slumber and I dream of a woman far away,
Who waits in silence tenderly for that fateful day.
I long to hold her hand and smell her fragrant hair,
But alas she walks on by me and all I dare to do is stare.
Before she gets away from my subconscious thoughts,
I call out to her and say that I sure have missed her lots.
She turns to me and grins with a happy dimpled smile,
I sure am glad to see you too, for it has been awhile.
We hug and kiss and cry as one,
For seven months apart is neither bearable nor fun.
I suddenly awake from many startling booms,
And realize that I am all alone as this sad reality looms.
Alas my love, my dreams aren’t real, and all I can do is pray,
That someday soon we shall touch again, on a November day.
So in your dreams, I wish of you to think of me as well,
That in our future the things you dream will be more than just a spell.
My love for you is ever ardent and so ever pure,
So please my darling dearest be, my wholesome healthy cure.
Heal me from my ailments of anger, war, and stress.
My dearest lady all I need is your loving caress.
Think of me often and hope for me more,
For you my love, are all I adore.
A lovely dream is all we have now,
We soon shall unite for this I vow.

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