We Remember

“On this a day of thought and contemplation, we reflect on what this country lost in that far gone day of desolation.

The countless lives that have fallen spark us to recall how we live our lives so callously day to day. Although regardless of the time that has past we bring to mind the feelings of that fateful September day.

Grief for the innocent blood that was spilled and anger against those irrational men. Those are the two things that come to mind when I think about 9-11.  

What do you think about?

 The actions those terrorists did, reminds us that evil is an every day occurrence. It is easy to reflect on that September day without speaking too much on any particular point. Take some time today and reflect about the things that you hold dear. If not a testament to the fallen, never forget to to say I love you at the end of a conversation. Hold your wife near and your children closer, for the love you have for them will carry a long way.

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