Parenting Gone Wrong

In today’s world how can you expect your kids to turn out okay without ruling with an iron fist of tyrannical authority? In the case of Miley Cyrus I am sad to announce that spanking must not have worked on her. Maybe if Billy Ray used a wooden spoon like my mom, then his precious little star would have turned into something other than a skanky misrepresentation of a modern day Shirley Temple.

Now if Miss Cyrus ever expects to have a life that is even remotely comparable to the 85 year old Shirley she might need to seriously consider turning her life around. Suggestion number one would be give up all her possessions and enlist in the Navy. (Only reason why I don’t say the Army, is because she wouldn’t make it through basic training.) Suggestion number two that is not quite so drastic would be to publicly apologize for her actions last Sunday. I would say at least 75% of her fan base is 20 and younger, and honestly I am glad I do not have any kids yet so that they weren’t exposed to her indecent acts on television. Her moral compass obviously needs to be fixed. I never thought I would devote time to Miley Cyrus on my blog (all 241 words) but I really think that parents need to be more apart of their kids lives and actually filter what they are watching on the T.V.

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