War on Women

If you read this title, don’t think that I’m going to go on a spiel about how there is actually a war on women going on, because there isn’t. Time in and time out between the 2012 presidential elections, and the affordable care act drama that is going on now we keep hearing about this so called war on women. Last time I checked there was a nineteenth amendment, and that if Susan B. Anthony were alive today she would be pretty content with the way that everybody is treated, equally. Are there people that are biased, sure. Are there people that are chauvinist, sure. Are there people that are racist, sure. But for the love of everything good do not assume that women are at a “huge” disadvantage. Now I’m not one to go on long tangents about statistics, but from what I know women are the majority gender in most colleges nowadays, women are also the majority in finishing college and getting degrees. From what I can tell, this so called “war on women” refers to a lack of abortion rights for women because a lot of states abortion restrictions are getting more stringent. That is the only means that I can see that they are using for their agenda on this war on women. If this is actually the case which I believe it is go with planned parenthood and focus on their campaigns. (I am not advocating for planned parenthood I am just saying keep this out of modern day politics)

A presidential candidate has little to do with state laws on restrictions for abortions, so therefore you using that as a reason for voting for a president is highly flawed. When it comes to gubernatorial elections think of it as a mini presidential election. For the powers they hold are not in the making of laws but merely in the vetoing or signing of them. You’re going to have pro-life candidates and you are going to have pro-choice candidates, but it does not mean that they are specifically in either capacity trying to start a war on the women populous of America. 
It is things like this so-called war on women that are ruining politics in America. People keep talking about how the current politicians do not care about running government but just about getting re-elected. Sometimes, this is sadly very true. However, I feel that in this particular instance, the Democratic Party is over-emphasizing small things just to get ahead. Their magnification of newer abortion restrictions and the affordable care acts coverage of birth control is over powering the much more important aspects of politics. What we should focus on: #1) Lowering the national debt, #2) Fair taxes, and #3) Minimization of individual party power. The three things I just mentioned will be more properly discussed in their own blog.

To finalize my thoughts more properly I would like to say that this “war on women” is an over-dramatization of what is really going on. Focus on what is truly important here people and not about what doesn’t need to be fixed. Have a great week!

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