How Affordable just Ain’t Affordable

    So I always imagined that the purpose of the new health care law was for it to be affordable to individuals who did not have healthcare. That way because they are so poor and can not afford regular care they can pay super low premiums and co-pays through the affordable care act. 
Yeah I was mistaken…you were mislead…and those poor people will have no healthcare and have to pay a “tax” on top of it.
    Fiasco upon fiasco have erupted over the release of the billion dollar healthcare website that gives you less security then a toy gun. Not only are you more open to fraud and identity theft, individuals that know what they are doing can search for your name through google and if you are registered through the healthcare site then important information will be displayed for all to view.
    If this doesn’t prove that the Democrats are fiscally irresponsible liars I would like to further prove it to you…If you are a supporter of the current administration and voted for the president both times I am sure that you could tell me between Summer 2008 and now how many times he said “If you like your plan you can keep it.” To me as an honest middle class citizen that sounds like a pretty easy promise to keep, guess again you underprivileged minions of modern democracy. Not only have over 5 million people in the U.S. been dropped from their current healthcare plans, they have to pay higher premiums with less coverage and different doctors then the law would have made it originally seem. This is an utter outrage. AN UNAFFORDABLE OUTRAGE! Are we all that dull-witted and careless that we are not hounding our representatives every waking hour to change this disgusting hypocrisy?!!
    Oh wait the president has deemed it in his all powerful role to change it back and say that you can keep your plans……………..The over emphasis of periods is because that is illegal….He can not just tell insurance companies that they can go back and give you your old plan, because your old plan that got dropped is not in adherence of the affordable care act. Do not get this twisted you did not lose your plan because of the insurance company but because your plan did not adhere to the new policy. It is illegal for him to say this because he does not control the policy in that manner that is the legislative branches job to adjust laws. That is primarily why most states and insurance company’s are not reneging on their cancellations.
    Still haven’t changed your mind yet? Oh that’s because you do not think that the Republicans care about anybody but the rich aristocrats and not the poor in America…blah blah blah… This healthcare debacle is so over whelming to everyone that the administration has seen fit to move the mandatory sign up date all the way till after the 2014 mid term elections, because they do not want the Democrats to lose political face from this disastrous policy. Yes the Democrat party and the GOP haven’t seen eye to eye in most key issues in a long time but this is the icing on the cake with how inconsiderate and low the Democrats have gone.

    This is only a foreshadowing of the downfall of our healthcare system because instead of 5 million losing their near perfect plan it will soon reach twice or three times that amount. Longer lines, new doctors, worse care, and malpractice are a few of the things that we will see in the upcoming years. All I gotta say is eat healthy, think healthy, and be healthy, because if you don’t you will be standing in that long line waiting for your robot doctor to give you a expensive diagnosis that doesn’t even fix the problem.

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