Bowe the Traitor

If you would like me to rant about the topic of Mr. Bergdahl’s allegiances please seek me out at my residence and I will surely talk to you in great detail of why this sad story is so important for America to understand. I will on this blog however state a few very discomforting facts that you may not be aware of.
The facts of his disappearance are only alleged because he has yet to be tried by the military courts. Trust me when I say this, he will be tried and we will find the truth, I am most certain of it. Now let me state what many find to not be obvious facts, (i.e. Susan Rice and various other misguided ignorant politicians.) 
The Taliban, let alone the Haqqani network do not keep hostages for 5 years. They extract whatever information they can, and then they subsequently behead the individual on live T.V. 
PERIOD thats what they do. 
Now if an individual decides to defect then that is a totally different and much more serious matter altogether. I can not speak as to the personal intelligence of Mr. Bergdahl or what training he did have that would be an asset to the Taliban but like any other well trained infantryman I can only assume the worst. He knew quite a lot that would have been extremely useful to the enemy. So it can me presumed that he did not just repeat his name rank and serial number to the enemy for five years. It can be surmised on the other hand that he gave up tactics, techniques and procedures to the enemy. We can assume this both from hearing first hand accounts from his fellow soldiers as well as from common sense. I don’t care how weak you are, if you are a red blooded american combat soldier you do not give up your brothers. Sad to say and I do with an extreme amount of resentment that this man did indeed give up both his family and his brothers in arms. That is all I have to say in regards to the facts that surround him individually.
As to the interesting story of his father Bob, I have some things to say as well. The man was clearly distraught as any father would have been, however I find it both alarming and somewhat intriguing as to why Bob took all the time to portray himself as a sympathizer to the Taliban agenda. This guy learns two languages and grooms himself to the standards of a Taliban operative just because his son was taken captive? Very weird, in fact if I were a journalist I would most definitely delve into any incriminating evidence behind the father’s allegiances as well.
If you can not obtain just the smallest amount of anger at this story so far I direct your attention to another angle. Just as the U.S. wants Snowden to be brought back to the States for trial we wanted Bergdahl back as well. I disagree wholeheartedly with the trade that took place due impart to the illegality but also to the degree of the swap. You do not trade two bishops, a knight, a rook, and a queen for one pawn. Furthermore, you must tell Congress and seek their approval, period. CHECKS and BALANCES Mr. President! The last thing for me to harp on is the utter ignorance of our most educated and esteemed politicians. I implore you before you put out a public statement about something that you know naught of, to investigate it to the extent of your powers. You have the right to request any and all secret information that you so desire in the proper setting from our intelligence agencies, so DO IT!
Now that I have summarized my feelings on the issue I bequeath upon Mr. Bergdahl a Christian saying lest he forget what principles our glorious country was founded upon: “God help you, for in this world of man you have already been condemned to a lifetime of public disgrace.”

On a personal note I served in Afghanistan 10 months after the incident took place 2 miles from COP Mest and am very familiar with the area, it was extremely sympathetic to the Taliban. Therefore you can understand both from that statement and my military experience that I know a lot of this issue. Feel free to contact me for any comments.

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