A Disrespectful Reality

If you know me you know that I have a high amount of disdain for guitar bands in Mass. I feel and so do many others that it is extremely disrespectful to the most Holy Sacrament of the Eucharist. The way I look at it should be very easy to understand but for some reason some of those who grew up in the 60′-80’s seem to believe otherwise.

It is not wrong to want to praise our God and King it is however most utterly wrong to do it in a manner that is unbecoming. When the moment of Transubstantiation happens we should be quiet, solemn, and reflective, while simultaneously being joyful at this moment of adoration. One cannot and should not do this while beating a drum and strumming a guitar, you can listen to that music outside of God’s holy temple. At the name of Jesus every knee shall bend and every tongue confess the glory of the Lord. The Bible does not say at the name of Jesus everyone bang on the drums so those around cannot pray in solemn silence.

Are there many ways to pray? Of course there are but when we truly are in prayer and are experiencing God’s enduring love and kindness we can only do so in a silent reflective state so that we may hear the Lord’s wishes and desires for us.

This Sunday I attempted to sink into solemn prayer during Mass but alas to no avail my mind could not separate itself from the incessant pounding that was going on in the background of the Church. Is this saying that I have not trained my mind to separate itself from distractions while in prayer? Or maybe it is just proof that people in today’s society care more about the music in Church than they do about the ultimate meaning behind the Mass, the celebration of the Eucharist.

There are hundreds of quite beautiful songs that can be sung or chanted during Mass that praise God in his glorious majesty so please do not limit yourself to an irreverent rock out session. That is all, be at peace.

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