Music: A Change to Reality

I recently just started concert piano lessons. I am excited! I am ready to face the challenge of picking up this new talent.

I was always wary of taking lessons because I thought I would fail. The fear of failure is something that we should never let discourage us.

It always needs to be I CAN and I WILL, not I think I can and I think I will.

I know that I am up for the challenge and as I fast approach my 25th year I desperately need something new in my life. (besides my gorgeous wife and beautiful 3 month baby.)

I will not settle for the slow monotonous life that I am slowly sinking into. In order to make myself better as a person I must change the way I am living and the mediocre things that I am doing.

One of the main reasons why I decided to take up piano is because I like to entertain people at my house. I have noticed that dinner and cards or a game just doesn’t cut it. Yeah…if you have a Bbq and watch a ball game that is one thing but nothing beats listening to the soft tunes that roll off the keys of a nice piano.

I think ideally what I am going for here is a personalized Dick Van Dyke Show. Hahaha I wish…..

(Dick Van Dyke was one of the best comedic entertainers of the last century by far.)

In final, do something different, pick up a new hobby and love it. Every time someone asks you how you are doing always have a story to tell. For we are known by the good we do in our lives and if we have a story to tell we will be remembered until the end of time through the lives of our children’s children.

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