Afghanistan- The brown country

Well I am going to try and start up this blog again so that I can keep busy while I am deployed. Operation Enduring Freedom is a long drawn out campaign to uproot the Taliban and their entire operation, it is a tough fight and I want to make sure the public knows what we are fighting for. As much as I follow the media I can tell you for certain that they have a hard time explaining to the greater population what is really happening over here and what my brothers are dieing to protect.

How many times have we heard the phrase “Freedom is not free”? Well regardless of the conflict we are in whether it’s Korea/Vietnam/Iraq/Afghanistan the infantrymen over here are protecting the innocence. That’s one thing that makes my job worth it, regardless of the low pay I am doing what less then 1% of Americans can do putting myself in harms way to protect those that can not defend themselves.

Although I would love to write more it is time for chow and then tower guard so more to come later. God Bless

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