A Little bit about what I do.

Hey guys I had an idea for a blog and it had to do with a poem that I wrote once but I seemed to have misplaced that piece of paper so instead I am going to clue you all in on what we did today.

Today we did a mounted mission out to a little town called Adam Kodali (pronunciations differ.) The object of this mission was to bring humanitarian aid to the local populous. These things range anywhere from blankets to tea. While we were driving out to this town which is only a few minutes away I saw from my turret little packs of kids running after our vehicle (we were the last truck) It was quite funny because the kids were literally sprinting after us knowing that we brought little goodies for them. I took another look and saw two little kids running with all their might and holding each others hands, they were about four years old. It’s little things like that that make me love my job watching two little kiddies run just so they can try and get something cool from the Americans. Besides little candies these tykes love pen’s/markers. Besides writing on their school papers they love writing on each other because supposedly that is a fun thing to do…I never understood the idea…unless of course it was writing answers on your arm for a test. So the phrase of the day is most definitelyMista! Mista! pen! pen!” because that is pretty much the only English they know. Well anyway the humanitarian aid drop off was quite successful even if most of the kids came from different towns.

Anyway I hope that you all picked a little knowledge out of this short story so that you do know we are doing good things over here. God Bless!

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  1. Zen says:

    They also know how to say CANDI CANDI! and they know very well how to throw rocks at 100 miles an hour to hit people and vehicles….


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