Slingshots: A forgotten Reality

I am sure we all remember the Old Testament passage about David and Goliath and how David took Goliath out with a mere rock. Well folks in this area bullets are not the only thing that come flying at you in hopes that they will do damage. Rock’s are flung quite often at myself and the other turret gunners in hopes to annoy/injure us. Just yesterday I saw a little kid probably in the 10-15 age group use a slingshot quite accurately in attempt to hit me…he missed thank goodness…In response to his attack I pulled out my Wristrocket 9000 and quickly delivered a successful volley of stones at my foe watching him flee in the opposite direction.

And so it is my understanding that there should be a whole new market of slingshots considering the high percentage of use they are getting in the Middle East. The other kids that were apart of this young group of anarchists were not fortunate enough to make or purchase slingshots of their own. So these kids decided to practice throwing rocks at me and are getting quite accurate. I am suprised that the MLB has not thought about recruiting in the Middle East because if I were them I sure as heck would…

Well that’s all for now. God Bless!

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  1. zen says:

    Wristrocket 9000? Mine is a 9001 model!


  2. Anonymous says:



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